Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Marvelous Desert Romance Song By Jaber Al Kaser @jaberalkaser1

The son of the Gulf Jaber Al Kaser hearts the desert, horses, and dates. He is making an old way of life cool as you see his all-Bedouin, all the time song. The, the same places where they greet one another with noses.  He is a knight here and he catches a glimpse of the lady that stole his heart and then he stars singing. This Saudi artist who has released at least albums where he collaborated with the brightest poets and musicians under the sun. He started as local Sha'abi artist and then his fame grew so fast.

He is singing to his horse and next up, you see a lot of old men greeting one another and dancers come out and the party starts. I like this song because it's feels original and not forced. This is something missing in today's Gulf music. That noisy beat they make, just send me running in the opposite direction.   

Here Jaber combines the gentle romance with the beautiful Tarab music. I think this is how going back to the roots looks. The artist seeks refuge in God as he is helpless against this romance.
Jaber Al Kaser ... Allah Lena - Video Clip | جابر الكاسر ... الله لنا - فيديو كليب


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