Monday, February 2, 2015

Shayma Helali Showcases The Other Side Of Egypt! #Ya_Nahar

Girls just want to have fun. Just ask Shayma Helali whose fancy ride breaks down in the middle of the desert, but she is not broken down. She manages to turn it into a party. Tune in, see her take on Egypt and its Nile River. This is a nice music video from Egypt at those very dark times.

Not sure who her love interest looks like. She is flirting with her man in this song. I like it when ladies are unafraid to share how they feel.  I love the exotic location--many other music videos were filmed there before. I like the local people and how they like to party and have a good time. Shayma keeps her radiant persona as she sports a number of looks. It's a cute song with a catchy beat.

Have fun...for a Fady Haddad directed picture, this one is simple and not over the top. I've noted that part of the music video has been sponsored by a travel agency.

Shayma Helali - Ya Nahar (Official Music Video) / شيما هلالي - يا نهار


  1. Thank you! I love Shayma Helali!
    Do you know which song does she sing at the end, at 5:00 minutes?