Sunday, February 8, 2015

Aloof Pop Star's Excellent Return! Amal Hijazi "El layli" #AmalHijazi2015 Excellent

Amal Hijazi never made it to the A list of Arabic music pop, maybe she did almost a decade ago for about a year and then she could never climb the same spot again. Luckily, Amal won't be reading what I have to say about her, so she returns with a new house song single to warm things up. She has been missing for the past two years and in her words, this has pained her.

The new song is "El Layli" is fast-paced dance track made right for those who like clubbing and night owls. I like the mixing with what sounds like an Indian song but it's something I understand yet I find myself liking.  This is a good choice for Amal, she steps a way form slow-moving romantic songs that make one feel guilty.

She sounds exciting here and I hope it land well and hit the reset button on her slow season. I like and congratulate her on a song well made. I am glad to see her working away form Rotana whom she blames for tanking her career through their monopoly clause. Rotana seems to have not been keeping up their end of the deal with many of their artists.

"El Layli" has already gone viral and radios as well as fans have made it the number one hit this month. This is a party song that lifts one spirit.  

El layli - Amal Hijazi - الليلة - أمل حجازي


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