Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Meet My Guilty Pleasure, Yasmin Gamal

Yasmin Gamal, a name I feel I should have heard of before, but not really. She's got a new music video out and it starts classy, she has the gorgeous look. The look for sure bests the voice, the voice is not hitting the high notes.

Not a memorable voice, but yet entertaining. This song is about and from a lady who has confidence of her personality and talent. I like her songs, but they are a guilty pleasure of mine. they are very girly songs and they make me think of my little girl singing them.

She is certainly a new voice and young one from Egypt, but she got a music video made, I like the lyrics, the dance moves and the wardrobe. Yasmin Gamal facebook page just registered today, hich tells you, she released a song and an offical page on the same day. She may be the pop flavor of the month, but she makes happy songs about relationships and the little details and clichés that go into a love story.

Ahla Wahda - Yasmin Gamal احلى واحده - ياسمين جمال


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