Friday, February 13, 2015

The Confused Love Duet Mohamed Mohey & Asma @fahadalshalabi

Mohamed Mohey made a new friend in composer musician Fahad who makes cool tunes and sick beats. Fahad brought together a due of Mohamed Mohey & Asma for a Valentine day romance duty. I usually like those, but this one I could not connect with. It feels as interesting as a root canal. That means I am not feeling it at all.

It feels like a log of stale cheese. I wanted to like this song because Mohey is an idol of mine and I always welcome new talents like Asma. I think the two can do better, this track is awful. I might be alone here. I do like the music or most of it, it shows verity of melodies and instruments that promise some freshness. It might be the lyrics, or it might be that both artists feel like they are limiting themselves. It feels like a guy trying to run while his feet are tights.

A throwaway song? Maybe!   
Mohamed Mohey & Asma - Enta Al Waheed / محمد محي و اسما - انت الوحيد


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