Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lebanese Carlos Celebrates His Little Village

Lebanese people love the hills, the countryside, the rivers, creeks, trees and the food. They may travel the world, but they always want to own property at home. Despite the political mess, people still love their towns from near and afar. Carlos just released a song for his little village and it's loaded with nostalgic references about youth.

Carlos is a C list singer who is quite good and from the song he likes olive trees. But the surprise is the music which has been composed by Assi Hallani. The same proud Lebanese guy and singer. While most artists sing for country, Carlos choose his own little village/town to sing. This way he tells a story close to heart and do something a bit personal.

I am not from Lebanon, but I understand the passion people have for their towns and those green hills.

Carlos - ع تراباتك يا كورة


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