Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shaykh Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy Feeble Voice

Shaykh Mishary Rashid Ghareeb Mohammed Rashid Al-Afasy, the Kuwaiti national is the most recognizable figure in Arab networks that care for religious shows. He has the voice for reading the Koran with a voice that moves you and makes you concentrate on the beauty of the verses of Koran.

But then he started singing those religious songs with his very soft voice, and he was an instant hit. His song has now been dubbed the Ramadan song. He sort of ushers the month on a number of TV networks. The song is in Arabic, French and English to speak to a larger number of Muslims around the world.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Assi Throws His Hat Into Ramadan's Music

Assi El Hallani never misses an opportunity to be on the news. So when the month of Ramadan comes around, he release some religious songs and on top of that he did so using the Egyptian dialect. Which serves more than one purpose. Most of the popular TV networks are Egyptians, the people of Egypt love this kind of music.

But in my opinion, his earlier religious songs are better, because I do not think he is doing his voice a favor by doing both a religious song and an Egyptian one at the same time. But to his credit he knows how to self-promote better than many Arab stars. Just look at how often he posts new videos of his work and projects.

Assi El Helani - Mafrahsh Leah / عاصى الحلانى - مافرحش لية

Assi El Helani - Khayr El Kalam / عاصى الحلانى - خير الكلام

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mohamed Monier, Terrific Ramadan Song

This is not a spiritual Ramadan song, it's about the fun side of Ramadan, being with the family, enjoying great food. The food and those little Ramadan lanterns hold and walk around with.

Unlike many Ramadan songs, this one is pretty well made. It's like taking a trip down memory lane. Decorating your place and the block I's a song that has some serious music, this one should be watched by those who are nostalgic to home during this exciting month.

Mohamed Monier Ramadan Gana كليب محمد منير رمضان جانا

Jannat's Ramadan Contemplation

Oh, Ramadan is back and Jannat, the Moroccan singer most famous in Egypt is doing her deed by voicing this prayer/contemplation. Get on it everybody, this is the time to do good, feed the poor and give out some money. All this helps your sins be forgiven inchallah.

Good work pays, it's all about what's in one's heart. So enjoy this track and hope it prompts you to change the ways of your heart.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ramy Sabry Voices A Prayer

This is not a song, this is not entertainment, but rather a message a quite prayer By Ramy Sabry putting his voice to good use this Ramadan. Singers doing prayers and anasheed during the month of Ramadan are as old as time.

While most those ask for any reward in this life, most hope to reap the reward for their work from above.

Ramy Sabry Wagh Kareem كليب رامي صبري وجة كريم

This Ramadan With Maher Zain

Ramadan is the time for reflection and prayer. With that comes a healthy dose of spirituality served through music and anasheed (Muslims Hymns). That's why you see this promo video and Maher Zain is smiling. After all he is only the Muslim world's top selling musician who makes very fine music.

This time he went to Chicago and filmed his upcoming music video Ya Nabi Sala Alayka, prayer be upon you prophet. This is a new look for Maher, but that should not be the topic, the topic here is the poetic lyrics voiced by Maher Zain.

This guy is huge in Europe, Arabia and North America, following in the road paved by Sami Yousef (Yousef Islam before him) who made this kind of music cool again. Maher took this form of singing and made it big in the social media with virtually everyone.

Maher Zain - Ya Nabi Salam Alayka | ماهر زين - يانبي سلام عليك

Ehab Tawfik From Bikinis To Religion

Maybe something happened and Ehab Tawfik has found religion in his heart, but the pop singer of Egypt that has ruled the scene of pop music for 2o years of mostly good entertainment is back this Ramadan season with an album of 23 track of religious themed songs. This album took one singer, one lyricists and one music composer to bring to life.

This is not new to him, Ehab has released singles with religious songs in his career, but since about three years ago, he has become a lot more religious in his performances. He has not done public concerts for some time. And now he is a frequent guest on talk shows on Al hayat network, where he also does concerts for his religious and spiritual songs.

But now the album is released by Mazzika label, the same label that releases Tamer Hosny Albums with material that is so anti religion. This album is all about sales and making money in a crowded pop scene religion may pay. Even the cover of the album is nothing short of self promotion. For example, Wael Jassar does not put his pictures on his religious albums and neither did Angham last year. But Ehab does it anyway and he is wearing a chain too.

While we do not know what's on the artist's heart, we only know what we see and we know his couple of racy music videos. Those 23 tracks are mostly under two minutes songs/prayers tackling topis about the prophets and their lives. Each song has a vocal (no music) version and one with music to appeal to pretty much everyone even those who do not like music even if it's served with religious messages.

01.Ya Nesaa Al Moslemeen [ Vocal ]
02.Ya Nesaa Al Moslemeen
03.Sedna El Nabi [ Vocal ]
04.Sedna El Nabi
05.Salamet El Oloob [ Vocal ]
06.Salamet El Oloob
07.Roda Men Reyad El Ganna [ Vocal ]
08.Omar Al Farook
09.Nabena Yousif [ Vocal ]
10.Nabena Yousif
11.Khadega [ Vocal ]
13.El Yateem
14.El Yateem 2
15.Ehlam Bel Ganna [ Vocal ]
16.Ehlam Bel Ganna
17.Arehna Ya Bilal [ Vocal ]
18.Arehna Ya Bilal
19.Al Azan
20.Adam W Hawwa [ Vocal ]
21.Adam W Hawwa
22.Abo Bakr [ Vocal ]
23.Abo Bakr

Nancy Zaablawi 2011 "Tears" Album

If you live in Lebanon, you can become a star quicker than if you live in Syria, if you life in Egypt you are much likely to become a star than if you lived in Syria. But Syria has a lot of great talent in that country, and those singers tend to relocate to Lebanon where the music business is in full swing.

While Syria is a great market for TV dramas where they produces dozens of quality shows, Syria has failed to make the same impact on Arabic music. Which brings us to Nancy Zaablwai, a talented young singer who has been singing professionally since 2008. But she has not released an album until 2011.

While I disagree with her politic on Syria, I have nothing but praises on her voice, style and the melodies she works with. Her new album titled "El Dommo3" Arabic for tears does not sound like a happy album, so you will be getting a lot of minor keys with her piano voice, that makes a treat.

01 - Saa'ba Aesh, we have heard this song earlier it was the single that lunched her career, pretty awesome
02 - Fe Balak, pop song written by a guy who thinks he knows how a girl feels.
03 - El Hekaya, a slow song with bitterness, this is not a song to die for, but the piano is terrific.
04 - ELDomo3, the album's gem, the darkest song, this is symphony of emotions! The sweet girl sings a soulful tender song.
05 - Ymkn Kelmt Ba7ebak, a self analytical song about someone who wronged their loved one and working to make amends. Love the crescendo appeal
06 - Bel Zema Da Asmo Kalam, a pop song written for Egypt and its people who love a non Egyptian singer singing in Egyptian. It's pretty good
07 - Lama Sa2lo A'laya, guy cheats, girl finds out, she hands him his butt in this song that sends you on a well deserved guilt trip
08 - La Gada'a, like the title, the guy cheats on Nancy and she does it again this time a lot sadder, a lot more heart broken!
09 - Khadna El Kalam, a timely pop song about twl lovers not realizing they have been talking for hours. Nancy gives a happy description of this encounter.

Nancy Zaabalawi - Sa'b A'eish / نانسى زعبلاوى - صعب أعيش

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lebanon's Finest! Sing For Bashar 2011

If you are a Syrian artist and you sing for Bashar Assad, then you are one of two thing. you are either scared for your life and that if you don't sing they will come after you, or that you simply like the guy and see nothing wrong. We are all interested in self preservation, I suppose.

But if you are not a citizen of Syria, and rel;ease a song in honor of the embattled leader of that land, there is something to the story. I have complied a lit of Lebanese singers who chose to sing for Bashar and celebrate the Assad household. Those singers might know something the whole world doesn't see.

Faris Karam, Najwa Karam, Mohammad Iskandar, Wael Kfoury, Ayman Zabeeb, Moeen Shareef, Mohammad Bash, Melhim Zain, Mai Hariri and Assi Hallani. Have all come to defense of Bashar, not the people but the leaders. Making another mistake. Maybe those singers have family in Syria, maybe they just want to be on the good side of the rulers, but at the end of the day, things are unfolding in Syria and those names should think twice.

جديد فارس كرم 2011 - لحنا بواسل مانبايع إلا بالدم روووعة

وائل كفوري # ياسوريا رشي طيوب

نجوى كرم بشار القائد _اغنية لبشار الاسد_بدنا نحافظ

منموت كبار-محمد اسكندر

ايمن زبيب يا جبين ما بينحني بشار الأسد . محبة زيدل

محمد باش.نحنا رجالك بشار.

جديد ملحم زين بدي غازل سورية

سوريا الله حاميها - معين شريف.

New FannFmSyria مي حريري جنوبية وجاية رد جميل 2011

Julia Boutrus Spening Ramadan In Prague

Ok, so she does not fast, and Ramadan is a month about many things, music is not one of them. Being the smart lady she is so she took her self, her brother Ziad ( one of Lebanon's best opinionated producer ) and her band to Prague where those people will be working on the next album project for the month of Ramadan and then release it in time for Eid Al Fitter.

Prague is one of the cool European cities where the prices are reasonable and there is a large music talent pool and studios where Julia can let her voice shine. This team will be linking scales and intervals to create a Julia Botrus worthy melody.

This is one album I will BUY and stand in line for if I had to. I like that pianissimo of hers.

جوليا بطرس - خلص انتهينا

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Show Al Azhar Doen't Want You To See

AlHassan Wal Hussien, is an epic TV drama set to play on most Arab TVs this Ramadan season. The show tells the history behind the divide in Islam between the two sects of Islam. Sunni Vs. Shiite. It's a bold TV drama that talks about something often brings tension, the story of Ali vis Moawya and Ali's son Hassan and Hussien, the grandsons of the prophet.

Al Azhar does not like this TV show and wants to ban it from all Egyptian networks. Even thought the show has half a dozen of Fatwas in it favor from figures like Yousef Al Qaradwi and others. A Shiite imams were also consulted on the show to incorporate more details about the struggle and the biggest Fetna in the history of Islam.

Some, don't like the show because it featured two actors as Hassan and Hussein, something that has never been done before. The likes of images of the prophet household has not been approved by Al Azahar who maintains that one cannot features prophets of the house of the prophet.

MBC, Rotana, Tahrir, Al Nahar, and Al Hayat are among the networks that will air the show and they all have recived letters not to air it. While the debate will continue, the show will go on.

برومو مسلسل الحسن والحسين ومعاوية - الفتنة الكبرى

The Lebanese Army Is Busy Making Music Videos

Take it from me, if an entertainer sports military uniforms to look manly, then you know that are not well endowed. If the army hired singers to recruit new officers then you might want to figure out a better way to promote your work.

Army is meant to be tough, so pop singers are not that tough. We all know that the Lebanese army is not the most serious army out there. They do not really fight anyone, and they are often promoting themselves in music videos for the likes of Najwa Karam, Wael Kafoury and Assi Hallani.

Sure those are A list Lebanese singers who love their homeland. But you are the army for crying out loud. You define tough and discipline, you are not into the music business. You should be in the fornt lines protecting the homeland. In Lebanese sthe real army is making music videos, but the people's army is doing the fighting.

I do not hate the army of Lebanon, I know they have well meaning people who want to serve and protect, but as far as being effective of doing something that really matters, they do not do that and have never done that. The only accomplishments they had was attacking a refugee camp and shooting some people. In the meantime Israel countries to occupy Lebanese land and steal resources in the sea.

Operate Jaysh Lebnan Original Copy - أوبريت جيش لبنان النسخة الأصلية عاصي الحلاني بـ كواليس كليب أغنية حبيتك يا لبنان

كليب أغنية الشرف عنوانك - النسخة الأصلية

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kathem Al Saher On The Quincy Jones Project

Katehm Al Saher took part of a Quincy Jones music project that commenced in Morocco this early summer where dozens of Arab celebrities/singers add their voice. The Iraqi composer, singer has been in the trenches promoting this humanitarian project. The effort is raise money and awareness about poverty.

I get the feeling that those Arab voices are too excited about this music project that is resembling "We're The World", Arabs have done songs like this Al Hilm Al Arabic and Al Dameer Al Arabi. Those titles will be "The Arab Dream", "The Arab Conscious", produced in Egypt where a large cast of Arab singers and music collaborated

This sons is based on the Quincy Jones song "Tomorrow", this is part of worldwide project that includes many cultures and voices. Thumbs up go to Mr. Jones and the Arab talents that volunteered their time.

Ajam Band! Original, Upbeat and Entertaining

We get is Iranians are not Arabs, we will never make that mistake, but still no one can tell them apart--if the Persians would lose their golden chain of course. Bandari if you are into that ethnic thing. Sure, Bollywood is overly commercialized and lacks originality these days. This is music made by friends not some individuals with contractual obligation to sing together.

This is a really cool music video by a hip band that took this local music and ran with it. They make no apologies about the style and especially the mustaches. This clip is about a culture and its people, no politics are allowed. I hope this music maintains its identity and not allow itself to be used as a background music in some obscure film.

Maybe the government does not sanction such stylish music. The music sounds like Iran, upbeat with a lot of elements thrown into the mix. You ought to like something. This band is very odd in the way it assembled the music video footage, but that makes it different as they are making it big on their own terms.

Ajam Band Bandare Landan(OFFICIAL VIDEO HD) new iranian music 2011

The Song That Sets Lebanese From Everyone Else

If you live in Lebanon or in any place where the people of Lebanon live, then you would know better than to ask. Debka is essential to the Lebanese culture, even those who don't want to be from Lebanon, they still teach their kid this group dance--it makes life a lot easier.

The people of Lebanon took this dance with them anywhere they go, Africa, Canada, US, Venezuela, Brazil, Europe and virtually all over the world, they just cannot claim the Lebanese status until they know this dance--even the religious ones know it and perform it.

Check out this clip form the 1960s play in Lebanon where the Mejana song is delivered by real men. And then along came Sabah with her warm voice and positive outlook to wrap the whole ordeal. Think about it this way, the Irish got the River Dance, the Lebanese got their Me Jana songs and debka. For Palestinians Debka is about politics and nationality. For Lebanese it's about identity and fun.

عصام رجّي وسمير يزبك وشوشو والصبّوحة

Mohamed Khairy Sunshine Single

I need a break from pop music, but it seems that I won't be having my break anytime soon. Pop singles keep on coming and nothing stops them, not even Ramadan. This time we get to hear Mohamed Khairy, the Egyptian young singer whose single was released on radio FM in an effort to promote his upcoming album.

"Top Music" the label that will put forth his music video for Eid El Fitir, that's in 30 days is pushing to build the brand for yet another untested voice. This is taking advantage of the void and the new dynamics in Egypt's music market. Big names are worried and not selling their albums, small names can have a shot.

محمد خيرى - عندى امل بكرة / Mohamed Khairy - 3andy Amal Bokra

Haifa Wehbe Does Syria, All of It

Lebanese cat Haifa Wahbe has performed all over the Arab world, as lady from Southern Lebanon she must have a dozen of concerts in that country north of the borders--Syria. While she can perform in the Gulf for a lot more money, she would rather be closer to home with people who like her for more than her image.

Haifa Wahbe seems to have toned it down since she has gotten married, right before her marriage she was on fire, she was everywhere. It might be that Arab revolutions thing, it might be that she has better things to do, she might have all the money she could need. It's also possible that she has standards and wants to uphold them.

The best thing about Haifa is how awesome she is for bodyguard in the country she is visiting, she has half a dozen of them muscular dudes to protect her and clear the way for her. I think she needs all those muscles she can use. Because her karaoke style is less about singing and mroe about show girl type of entertainment.

haifa wehbe in Syria concert

Ramadan Of Tradion Ramadan Kareem

As Ramadan is upon us, I cannot help but notice that this is the time of the year they people bring the best in them and let it be seen. They are meant to be more spiritual and more connected. and most of all more compassionate for others. This is not about the body needs, it';s about the stuggle of not being able to nourish oneself.

The month for coming closer to oneself and one closer to his faith. The music has its share of Ramadan, but the music of Anasheed, the songs with a message of spirituality. Reding the Koran is on everyopn'e list and if we do all these things well and fast, we can see the jo of being with the family and breaking the fast.

طول غيابك - عزام الهويريني تصميم الراقي

Essam Karika, "Son of a Gun" Talk Show

Hip Egyptian composer turned singer turned actor turned talk show host Essam Karika is back this Ramadan with a really short talk show titled "El Wad El 'Afreet", "Son Of a Gun" where he hosts Arab celebrities and interview them in a humor filled segments.

Essam has great access becasue of his friendship with a large number of A list Arab singers who love Essam's music work. Names like Amr Diab, Hany Shaker, Raghib Alama, Mohammad Mounir, Sherine, Nawal Al Zaoghby as well as others will take part of this funky looking show. Karika is a big name in Egypt cinema too, so he will have no probelm getting actors to appear in his show.

Will this be a show, I race to watch, no not really, but If I open the TV and it's playing, I would tune in. In other news, Essam will be going back to writing music and he will be collaborating with a great number of Arab singers.

Elwad Elعafret Promo - (Ramadan 2011) / عصام كاريكا - الواد العفريت

What Has Egyptain Singer Angham Done Lately?

Angham has been a star literary since the day she was born, her father took her under his wings and brought her up the music appreciator she is. She has a great voice and had great hits in the span of her career. The moment she dipped her toes in pop, she sort of lost her way.

But in all fairness, she is the pre-internet diva, what has Angham done since 2000? 2000, the year the internet starting becoming popular in Arabia, and Angham has been sort of an average singer at best. The biggest news she has generated in that period is her personal struggle for divorce from her Kuwaiti husband. At times if you watch he4 interviews, she sounds combative and angry. Maybe she thinks the media is picking on her once again as they picked on her during her struggle with her late father.

So it has been 11 years and in a way Angham has consumed all the good name of hers that she has made press the 2000. Can you recall one great song of hers that sticks with you? I really cannot. On the other hand, she has performed a number of mediocre songs and even terrible ones. She is now branching out into making music in the Gulf dialect. How will that go? We have to find out later this year.

Now, Angham is a great voice, she will never lose that, and no one will take anything form her accomplishments, but she needs something new, something that will stick and remind us why she is the great lady of Egyptian Tarab songs. But she does not really need to prove anything, she can make all the money she wants by doing duet with singers in the Gulf who want the honor to share the stage with her.

Of course the risk of doing nothing is grave, energetic voices like Sherine, Amal Maher and to a lesser extent younger voices (Omnya Suiliman, and Heba Yousef, Reham Abdel Ghafour) are bringing their A game to show what they are made of.

دويتو أنغام ومحمد عبدو: معاد بدري

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Darine Hadchiti More Singles Than Albums

Lebanese pop singer Darine Hadchiti releases a lot of singles, which is smart becasue no one buys albums nowadays. So those singles go on the radio and if they are exclusive, Darine Hadchiti might make some money on the rights. Also those singles can be added to an album down the road.

But as she is hot for concerts where she torus wherever those life loving Lebanese live in Australia, Canada and the States. She makes the money that way, and if she wants she can also sell tickets in the Gulf where she has half a dozen of songs in the local dialects that she performed too well.

The latest serving comes in a Lebanese style, kicking off with Mawal and that unique upbeat Lebanese macho beat. As a fan of Darine Hadchiti's, I applaud her for making good songs and maintaining her brand in this heavily crowded music scene.

Darine Hadchiti- To2borni 2011/دارين حدشيتي- تؤبرني ٢٠١١

Melhim Zain Flirts With Iraq

Not many dare to touch the Iraqi Radih (ردح) style. It's not something you can fake your way through it. Iraqi listeners are unkind to those who try to mess with their music. Kind of like Texas and the cowboy thing--you are either one or you're not. So Melhim decided to dip his toe into something different.

But in all honesty, it's not that different from the Lebanese style, there is a similar beat that uses a different instrument. He is a guy so, it comes to him easier than if a girl wanted to try it out. Then his voice is manly and the way he carried himself suits the style.

I am hearing good feedback on the song from Iraqi blogs, it might help that he is one of the popular young voices in that country.

ملحم زين - كبد بد / ردح عراقي

Eida Al Menhali, The Underrated Voice of the UAE

Eida Al Menhali is one of the best voices in the UAE that has not tried to crossover to any other country. The man who came to the scene when he did a duet with Diana Haddad in 2002, is releasing albums of his own after and before his brush with mainstream Arab fame.

It's not like he needs the money, so his career is safe in the UAE, he has a busy day and busier weekend, but fame is good too. So here comes a mini album from this guy who sounds like on autotune, but he is really not on it. He sounds like an awesome computer without ever singing through a computer. For many in the Gulf this has been dubbed the album of the summer.

While I have not tried to go out of my way and follow Eida's career, I know he has been going well for himself and keeping it real too. To his credit he is playing in his comfort zone, he is not trying to be something he isn't. While his country man Hussein Al Jasmy is being doing a lot of great hits in all corners of Arabia Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon. While Al Jasmy is a real talent, he is no longer a local star which is both good and bad.

01 - 3la Fekra, a romantic sad song with powerful lyrics and a sparky beat
02 - Shams El3'la
03 - 3la Fekra " Remix "

فيديو كليب عيضة المنهالي نويت فراقي - 2011.mpg

Wessam Yussef - Wal Wal New 2011 Song

Some make music to become famous, others do it to make money. But in places like Egypt and Syrian those C list singers who are the bottom feeders and make a living in concerts for weddings and private parties.

Those singers make their songs for promote their gigs, not necessarily because they care about art. Every now and then someone makes it big this way--someone like Ali Al Deek got his 15 minutes of fame in Syria. Abdel Basset Hamooda and Sha'aban Abdel Raheem in Egypt made a career.

Now comes Iraq to take their turn on those hits, Wessam Yussef, a pop voice from Iraq that looks like an Arab version of Kanye West.

Wessam Yussef - Wal Wal / وسام يوسف - ول ول

Badreya Al Said, Egypt's Lady of Folklore

Made her career in the 1950s in the city of Alexandria, doing local songs, folklore songs and whater the sea inspires her to sing about. She was a member of some local bands, and worked with musicians who gave her some of their finest melodies namely Mohamma Hamaki, not the singer. Hamaki used to work at the Alexandria radio and was pleased with Badrya's voice.

She was later named the emperor of local songs, "Imbaratorat Al Ghena'a Al Shabey" امبراطوره الاغنيه الشعبيه و الموال Now, I will ask my dad about her as he lived on that city in the 70s, she was around there. She passed away in 1989, leaving a great archive of some of the finest All Egyptian songs.

I have been listening to her old hits music for straight two days and I am happy to report that this lady had what it takes to get you tuned in. Flirting with the sea man whom she has a crush on. Then talks about Hamoodah who stole heart. Then there is the darker side of her songs where she has been betrayed her or those who have forgotten about her. Anyhow, if you want a voice that poor folks who don't read and those educated ones with a soft spot in their heart for peasant and sea side songs can sit next to each other and enjoy.

She also has many recorded concerts at different functions. The quality of the recordings are a mixed bag. But the the quality of the songs are terrific.

بدرية السيد -من فوق شواشي الذرة

بدرية السيد أحمد ويا احمد.wmv

Tamer Hosny TV Drama "Adam" A Flop?

Rumor that he has made 20 million for appearing in this TV drama, his first time doing something for TV. The expired story that hasbeen done a million time already will be featruing Tamer Hosny, a young Egyptian man struggling to find a work after his father passed away. In his quest he tried different jobs to be the bread winner for his family. And Tamer always finds someone to love in his movies.

Look on Facebook for about ten different groups and pages that want to boycott this show due to the excessive amount of money Tamer Hosny made or due to his political stands in favor of the Mubarak regime.

Here's more on how Tamer Hsony is after your sympathy and most of all your cash: Check out the poster for soon to be flop TV drama Adam. You see a Palestinian scarf "Kafyyah", a mosque and a church in the background. Now, let's deconstruct this: the show Adam has nothing to do with Palestine, but using the scarf sort of helps make you look like an activist who loves Palestine. How come you want to boycott me? I support Palestine

Then using the religion stuff does not help, it only helps with the marking as their are ongoing dialogue and stand off with Christian sects and other Muslims groups over a number of issues. This helps make Tamer looks like the guy bringing unity to the same people sharing the land. Even though the show has little to do with religious harmony.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Um Kalthoum Forgets Song Lyrics On Stage

She was in Tunisia for a concert and it was be a night of true Arabic music and live entertainment with this first lady of Arabic music, the Egyptian legend Um Kalthoum. The only and the only historical diva rarely disappointed her fans. She went out of her way to make her concerts worth every second.

But perfection is for God, watch this rare clip for Om Kalthoum, as she fumbles through Inta Omry, one of her most popular songs. She really tried to fake it, but it did not work out for her, the band behind her seemed concerned. But Um Kalthoum is a professional, she just started over.

Maybe we needed this clip to be reminded that she was only human. Still she was behind more hits than an Arab lady has even seen. But humor was present also and Tuma was there to save the day.
ام كلثوم تنسى الكلمات وهي تؤدي انت عمري في حفلة تونس Um Kalthoum Forgets Lyrics

The Day Abdel Halim Hafiz Lost His Cool

One of those days, iconic Egyptian singer got heckled and he did not like it one bit. This wildly circulated video says as much. At one instant he points to a certain member in the audience and ask them to come over to the stage and do the show. There are several videos of such on YouTube, but this one has close to a million hits on it.

Toward the end of the song, you can hear some individuals shouting and saying all sort of things like calling him "Abdo" a derivative of the singer's name. The always cool kid of romance did not take it very well. He reminded the audience,e that he can talk, chant, yell and even whistles. And he does that live on stage as he seems to have lost his cool.

I have been seen this where people try to heckle you by being disorderly and rude, the burden on you not to let them have their moment, ignore. On a second thought, Abdel Halim spoke about this incident during one of his interviews and spoke about a guy who wrote a suit that has a cup of coffee, a coke, and a cup of tea in an effort to mock a popular song of Abdel Halim "Reader of Coffee Cup"

مضايقه الجمهور لعبد الحليم

عبدالحليم يشكو تصرف الجمهور.avi

Ibrahim al Hakami, Saudi Arabia Muse

This young Saudi singer that shot to fame when he won the Star academy title for season three. And then he made couple of music video with no significant success. His take on pop was not well received, but his voice is pretty good. His ability to perform songs from the Guld and old Arab melodies helped win him the title.

Ibragim Al Hakmi's inspiration comes from two female Arab singers how were icons of their time. Fayaza Ahmad, and Tunisian Zikra, that passed way in a tragic accident/conspiracy. Many don't like Ibrahim not for reasons he cannot change or have nothing to do with.

First some don't like Saudis winning the title. Others hate him for winning over Shahed Barmada, the once in a lifetime singer with a golden voice and an amazing sense of emotions and style (I cannot help it, I am a fan). None the less, both singers are still around and both are doing well.

I do not hate Mr. Hakami, I just think that she has a lot to offer but so far I have seen very little.

Ibrahim al Hakami - Kol Ma Tikbar

Mohamed El Tookhy 2011 Album "Speechless"

Mohamed El Tooky is a teen idol going out of his way to make a career out of his pop and fashionable style. Released his debut album few days ago with 8 tracks. This is not going to be a masterpiece by no mean.

I could not put myself to listen to this album completely, but it feels like a pop album written for teenagers by a young and fashionable star. You get 8 track so lover boy best shot at redemption one pop song at a time.

Track List
02.Gwaia Hob Leek
03.Ezaay Bt7bne
04.Mn Ghair Kalam
05.W 3ashan Arta7
07.3ala Mahleek

Mohamed El Toukhy - W'alashan Artah / محمد الطوخي - وعلشان أرتاح

Anti-Domestic Violence Touching Lebanese Song

Domestic violence and spousal abuse has no culture, creed or race. Most cultures struggles with this problem where mostly the man assaults their female partners. In very rare cases the female is the one doing the abuse. But most of the time it's the guy who loses control.

So that's' when Anwar El Amir, the handsome devil of Lebanese pop crafts this song in an effort to shame those who engage in domestic violence. This topic is often explored in movies and TV dramas, but rarely in music. So Anwar El Amir is venturing into an uncharted territory.

the man is in his mind, not his muscles, the person that assaults Eve is a fool not man, says the song. His voice is pretty manly without being Mr. Macho. He furthers says he will treat the one he likes as a queen. Guys say that often, but few deliver. No one has the right to abuse anybody--especially the ones that are loved ones. Those few need to see a doctor and need to have someone break their hands which they use to abuse their spouses.

Tune In To Majd Fouani,Fresh Hit Single

Yes, here is a new guy who can actually sing and has found a song that shows the bright side of Arab entertainment. He sounds like how Assi sounded back in the early 90s when he emerged with those romantic songs.

That's new comer Majd Fou3ani, the Lebanese young man with a plan to take on his country's pop in his quest to fame. He really sounds quite good in this song about a lady with a scarf where he feels she got him by this scarf of hers.

While Assi and a dozen other singers are doing well with this Lebanse style of romance, Majd is a welcome addition, he throws a new enrgey into the mix. As we listen to the radio version of his song. But we have to keep in mind, a good single does not make a star, but a smart manager can.

مجد فوعاني- المنديل / Majd Fou3ani- El Mandil 2011

Sara Farah Spills The Beans Buddies w Karim Kamel

Something happened and Sara Farah has changed her stand. She now is saying that she is fine with Nismah Mahjoub deserves the title. Sara now is walking back on her interviews and what she has said about the Academy.

Sara has a good voice and has a great career ahead of her. This is not a surprise from someone who comes from Syria the land of good Arabic music, not karaoke. She reveals that she has no secrets to share, but there are things she will state later about the days there.

She also states that her best friend if Karim Kamel, the Egyptian participant who took part of the show only to drop out due to rumors about his sexuality. Some linked Sara to those rumors. If this is the only thing that young people care about, then we are doomed.

Tune in to this interview and learn how Arab celebrities think.

ساره فرح في إتصال مع ويكيز كريم كامل أعز اصدقائي

Singer Nelly Calls On All Arabs Bedouins

When your name is Nelly a very non-Arab name, and you release a song titled "Oh, Arabs", there is something going on this world. Doing a Bedouin style song is as old as mankind. In what looks like a rugged Bedouin village, you can see this Lebanese base whose previous music video was about pirates, doing all things Bedouins do.

While they got the lyrics, and the outfits right, I feel the music is not anywhere close to to the Bedouins. Maybe if you are used to seeing Bedouins in the club, this song will agree with you, but those two things do not add up.

For goat herders, Nelly Makdessi looks well groomed and pretty pampered for a lady living in the desert. This is not how life looks out there, c'mon, sword dancing woman for the man? This does not happen, unless you are working in Hollywood that sex-ifies everything.

Nelly Makdessi- Ya Arab Video Clip 2011/كليب نيللى مقدسي- يا عرب

Marwan El Shami, Another Lebanese Player

Ramadan is a holy month, but the TV executives have no idea about that, they make the worst entertainment (random naked people) just in time for the month. Check out this party music video at a bar/lounge where droves of party loving young men and women are having the time of their live.

This is what Marwan El Shami calls a good music video. The good looking Lebanses singer feels free to stalk the lady of his choice through the restaurant's kitchen and beyond. Jealous and confident guys are all over this music video, but then the girl Mawan has been chasing, is actually in a relationship.

Then he feels left out of the whole thing, but not to worry, he finds another chick as hot to play his games with her.

Marwan El Shami - Shou Hayda / مروان الشامي - شو هيدا

Star Acedemy Winner Nesma And Fiance

Star Academy Winner Nesma Mahgoub and Fiance had a concert together on the stage of The Culture Wheel At "ساقية الصاوى" fresh from wining the title with her Forte voice. The voice that is capable of performing those major happy keys as well as those minor sad keys gets to make money now on her own.

At least with the band she joined right before appearing on Star Academy, "Original" is they band and it looks like they are baking in using the starlet to get their name out. The band features Nesma's fiance Safy who happens to be a musician. This is really cool story about smart solo musicians who join a band not break from one.

So next time you are looking for a singer with smooth soothing voice, you know where to go for that, becasue Nesma sings in legato all the time. On another note, what's up with those outfits? They are kind of cool, but I suspect they might confused people in attendance.

نسمة محجوب تغني اغنية يسمعني حين يراقصني - الحياة اليوم

Friday, July 22, 2011

Richii Is Back With Hugs 2011

He is saying! This favorite Lebanese hip Lebanese Import from Australia is dance, rapper, singer Richii who might as well be a DJ. But this man of style is back with a cool music video in English and Arabic and loads of style. This is a song to the Arabs who want more than Arabic songs! The target are teenagers who are addicted to watching MTV network music videos.

This time the assault is in the beach with a large number of beach goers taking part of this music video that uses the Egyptian dialect in an effort to sell more and appeal to more Arabs. The first Richii hit was exclusive Lebanese, not comes the larger market. Richii is a very tall guy and he seems to have gotten thinner for this music video of his. It might be really hard for him to be walking the streets of some Arab country who will think he looks sickly.

What has got better is the dances incorporated in the music video and the bigger budget set for this music video. But the cheap sex appeal is hard to miss, There's naked bodies and water grinding against each other. The waxed Richii is very clear, they are very groomed in this joint.

Other than the autotune, and the remix like song, I think this is a fun music video, offering little of what I care about, but that does not make it terrible. This is the music video that screams, I do not want to be original, I just want to be popular and trendy.

Richii - Gowa Hodny / ريتشي - جوه حضني

Egyptian Modest Baladi/ Shaabi Dance

Egyptians are conservative people, but they are also a fun loving bunch. So to make a compromise, check out this dancing ladies is an illustration of that baladi dance. This is at a local Egyptian cafe, dressed modestly. While this is not the hard core dance their do in Haram Street where those overweight seasoned dancers let is all hang and shake at the same time. This is the modest dance.

Who said that belly dancing has to be for naked ladies? This dancer shatters another stereotype, she is a skinny belly dancer. In Egypt, those dancers tend to be on the chunky side, the more meat on the bone, the most popular this lady. If there's an Egyptian family friendly dance, it would be fashioned in this manner. Obviously Lebanese/Syrian/Iraqi/Palestinian Debka is all about the family.

Sure, someone won't be happy with this. Belly dancers, they will say she is not really belly dancing, conservatives, they hate it because it's still sexy. I saw screw them and do your own thing.


Algeria Rejects Naked Lebanses Ladies of Pop

What's up with Algeria nowadays? This country that is fighting for its soul as it has been doing that for some time now. Do they look up to France? Are they pious Muslim? Are they a bit of both? I couldn't help but ask myself those questions as I read the ongoing effort to stop a number of Lebanese singers from singing in an Algerian music festival.

Those are a number of Lebanon's A list pop entertainers that are told by the people behind the effort, they are not welcome there. The campaign is titled "We Don't Want Raunchy Entertainers in the land of a Million martyrs" Pretty strong words, do not you think? Those people have threaten to egg and tomato the entertainers if they chose to take part of the festival in Algeria.

I can see the financial concerns, as politicians spend lavishly on those events in the hopes the youth will forget about their unemployment. Some want the money spend on real music that builds character, not just appeals to the eyes. As of this moment there are 30 thousand fans to this Facebook page.

Needless to say the liberals are not happy about those efforts, and they seem to argue that such efforts bring Algeria back and give a negative image of their beloved country. It's true that Algeria had seen the bloodiest confrontation with Islamist and such groups. But I think those reasons are not enough to dismiss such efforts, there are real problem in Algeria, that not even the A list Lebanese singers cannot address.

Arab Ladies You Need To Know, Laure Daccache

She came to fame in 1939 with a song "Amin Billah", "I have faith in the Lord" a song continues to be a hit until our day. She has a great sense of humor, but her sense of music and acting is the best of her legacy.

Born in Beirut in 1917, Lebanon and passed away in Cairo Egypt in 2005, a Lebanese Egyptian christian singer, the daughter of a textile seller from Lebanon. She started singing in the local church choir and performed Church hymns. Worked in the Egyptian radio in 1945 where she was known for her talent with the lute and composing music.

She has performed tens of songs that varied in style and appeal. Laure did well with the Eastern melody style, Mawal style, Mowasha'hat, monologue. During the 40s, she was a frequent guest on the radio programs, and has performed ion the Sudan Nile cruise. Married twice, to a Lebanese at first and later to an Egyptian engineer.

She has also taken parts of movies, two, the last one was in 1994 with a small singing role.

laure daccache aminti billah لور دكاش آمنت بالله

لور دكاش - يا زين هالمارتين

مستحيل تقدر تنسيني الليالي لور دكاش The last song of Laure Daccache

امنت بالله نور جمالك آية من الله
لا مستحيل
أنا طبعي كده
أنا قلت لك الحب نعيم
مستحيل تقدر تنسيني الليالي
أول نظرة
ليل الأشواق لايليا ابو ماضى
كل اللي شافوكي لصالح جودت
قطتي الغضبى لنزار قبانى
يا روح سعد قد سكنت قلوبنا غنتها لسعد زغلول
يا خاين من بعد هجرانك

Medhat Saleh On Care Free Egyptain Women

Medhat Saleh, like his woman simple, a Galabya wearing Egyptian that does not care to get her nails done or go to a hair dresser. That's the song with words written by poet Nabil Khalaf, the man who knows Egypt.

But Medhat Saleh's personal life is different he has been married at least four times and I doubt he married the ones that don't take care of themselves the way his songs celebrates. While this song is pretty catchy, the subjects might offend some people.

Now, you can have good looks without having to be consumed with the latest fashions and fads, it does not cost millions to look dazzling, we all agree on that. If that's what Medhat is promoting we are all for that. Sure Dove can hire Yara to do do a commercial for soap, Elissa a commercial for gold...but good looks are aided by those pricey things, but they do not actually make you better looking. The only make you feel good.

Medhat Saleh ElMasriya Om El5air كليب مدحت صالح أنا بدي عروسة بجلابية

Tamer Hosny Wants Your Money

So once the news broke about the lagging sales of his more noise than music album, Tamer Hosny wants the old days back, and he wants your money. So in order to help save the day and sell more albums, this Egyptian singer with his money grubbing management team came up with a plan to help market the album more.

They spend thousands of dollars trying to sell it, but no one seems to be willing to buy it. According to Bos W Tol, an Egyptian news site the Album "Elly Gay Ahla" has only sold 5 thousand copies. Tamer and his team is planning to roll a marketing plan of three strategies. And summer season is almost over as Ramadan is already here:

  1. Mobile companies, send text messages to cellphone users asking them to purchase the album, target those vacationing on the beach.
  2. Using the social media websites of Tamer Hosny and his wacky lovers to promote the album and push sales.
  3. Give away CD with each Tamer Hosny album, the CD will include promotional material for Tamer Hosny upcoming TV Drama "Adam"- a show that most likely will bomb.

Will you be buying this album? I simply won't, I did not even bother to get it for free, you know why? Half of the songs are ripped from other artists, the music are of recent pop songs that has been used on new Tamer Hosny proper lyrics. Tamer, if you want my money you have to work hard for it. The same old crap that you used to get away with it not gonna cut it for me.

Black Theama Remakes Hit Song "Zahma"

By sheer luck, the Black Theama Band has made it HUGE in the months following the departure of Mubarak. They have always been good at making original music and tackling fresh subjects. But they never went mainstream maybe becasue the topics they talked about made people in charge wary of this all dudes band.

History and politics aside, there has been virtually not a single week passes without hearing about a concert by this this band. They are no positioned to be the band that spoke about the problem and the hops of the people without touching the messy politics. Making them popular with all segments of the people of Egypt.

Check out their music video for this hit song "Zahma" crowded, a song about the death of dreams, corruption and feeling out of place. This is the second version of this popular song with lots of footage from concerts that band took. See the people go crazy for this band.

And just if you had any doubts about how creative this band is, read this: their next music video will be in sign language to include a demographic that often goes under the radar.

I still Remember That Nawal El Zoghbi

It was the 90s, and radio was king. She was its queen, the blonde girl from Lebanon that had a good voice, the charm and the work the audience skill. She was on everyone's must check out list. Cute she was, and bold for that time she was. She was the princess of pop coming from Lebanon.

I remember her outfits and hair style would be picked by magazine to celebrated. Her songs about mostly about that pretty girl that loves someone so much. And unlike the guys of her era, she made it big and to a large extend she is still has the same star power.

But to be frank competition is very stiff and good lyrics are hard to come by, so there you have it. Nawal El Zoghbi has a rich legacy in pop and entertainment as her breakout duet performance with Wael Kfoury "Meen Habibi Ana" reminds us.

Nawal El Zoghbi Ana Hawalt نوال الزغبي أنا احلويت

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Palestine (♥) Vivian Bishara

Vivian Bishara has not ever tried to sing Palestinian songs, she does not want to sing for the greater love, she just wants to sing for the one person that she loves. She has done so to mostly western melodies and Spanish guitar.

The Arab world came to know her right after her performance of that Arabic song that has been called the Arab version of "His Heart Goes One" Titanic song by none other than the Canadian Celine Dion (video below). the performance was on the reality show Star Makers aired by Mazzika TV. Vivian was a finalist on the show.

But now Vivian is already back with a new song of the same style, a bit dreamer though, the song "Ana Habit", "I Have Fallen in Love" earning a spot on the Top Ten songs by Monte Carlo Radio. With that now we know the new Vivian Bishara album will be released sometimes after the Holy month of Ramadan.

Vivian Bishara Ana Habbeet فيفيان بشارة انا حبيت 2011

Vivian Bishara - Erga3 Tani فيفيان بشاره - ارجع تاني

Anders Behring Breivik Music Critic Too

The Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik was a music critic himself among many things of course. The mad man of Oslo used racial slur to describe Stella Mwangi, a Norway-based Kenyan singer who represented Norway in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

In his personal journal, he made an entry on May 14th 2011, Breivik wrote about Mwangi: “My country has a crap, politically correct contribution.” He labeled Mwangi “an asylum seeker from Kenya,” and went on to mock her Swahili song “Haba Haba,” sarcastically writing that Mwangi was “performing a bongo song, very representative of Europe and my country.”

While Swahili is not Arabic, it's very close to the Arabic language. This language is spoke in large parts of Eastern Africa. Haba Haba is Arabic means little by little and the song was a hit all over Europe. I do not get this killer, he does not like Muslims becasue of their religion and becasue of the violent terrorists. But he also does not like pop stars who reveal some skin either. So this is one world class hater, it sucks to be related to this guy.

Here's a video of Stella Mwangi dazzling the stage. Needless to say the only time Anders Behring Breivik gets the stage is when he murders tens of innocents in a cowardly manner.

MGP 2011 - delfinale 3: Stella Mwangi - "Haba Haba"

Egyptian Nesma El Sabbah, The Proud

Ramy Gamal pick winners! This time he is not picking songs, he is picking a new female voice whom he has given lyrics and musical composition. The Egyptian composer turned singer gave Nesma El Sabbah (not to be confused with Nesma Mahgoub winner of Star Academy Season 8)

The song is about pride one has for being an Egyptian, God knows, I am proud to have been to Egypt, it must feel good to be one. While the song is good, the vocals are not quite there. Nesma's voice is in the exploration phase, I feel.

But the true beauty of this are the images and footage included in this music video where you get to see views from Egypt that might have gone pass you in the past. There are always those heart warming images from Tahrir Square.

Nesma El Sabbah - Ana Masreya / نسمة الصباح - أنا مصرية

Saber El Robai Lebanese Hit Single

Saber El Rebaei can sing and has done just that for more than a decade. But if you try to define this versatile Tunisian native in a style, you won't be able to. He does local Tunisian songs and made them sound hip in every corner of the Arab world. He has done songs for the Gulf where he sounded like one of the natives.

And he is the voice that does romance so well, especially the heartbroken romantic songs. And he has had his fair share of hit pop songs. But now comes a new challenge, doing a song in Lebanese Debka style.

With lovely lyrics filled with passion and drive toward the loved one. Released on Rotana radio, the company that produces his albums, brings him back to a new style, his last song was about the revolution in Tunisia.

صابر الرباعي نمشي وانا امشي.امشي وانا امشي

Ramy Sabry, The Viceroy of Arabic Pop

If you wanted to make a Ramy Sabry song better, you won't be able to. Because he makes them nothing short of perfect, this musician composer singer young man of charm knows who to make a hit. Virtually anything he puts his voice on, will sell. But that does not mean he is not out there to surprise us. His talent ins singing is only matched by his talent in composing upbeat songs.

His latest hit Harras Wala Tkhwen "Better Safe, Than Sorry" was a summer surprise that blindsided many other singers in Egypt. You know the song is a hit, when two weeks after it gets released, it gets its own music video from concert footage where the crowd goes crazy for it.

Ramy Sabry has tremendous respect for Amr Diab, and I know he is not trying to copy him at all, but cannot help but notice how Ramy is doing all the right things that made Amr Diab himself in the first place. First, the stage presence is strong, the lively and interactive performance is second. Third, the style of songs and melodies are a lot similar to the ones Amr feels comfortable with.

Ramy Sabry- Harras Wala Tkahwen / رامي صبري - حرص ولا تخون