Sunday, July 24, 2011

Darine Hadchiti More Singles Than Albums

Lebanese pop singer Darine Hadchiti releases a lot of singles, which is smart becasue no one buys albums nowadays. So those singles go on the radio and if they are exclusive, Darine Hadchiti might make some money on the rights. Also those singles can be added to an album down the road.

But as she is hot for concerts where she torus wherever those life loving Lebanese live in Australia, Canada and the States. She makes the money that way, and if she wants she can also sell tickets in the Gulf where she has half a dozen of songs in the local dialects that she performed too well.

The latest serving comes in a Lebanese style, kicking off with Mawal and that unique upbeat Lebanese macho beat. As a fan of Darine Hadchiti's, I applaud her for making good songs and maintaining her brand in this heavily crowded music scene.

Darine Hadchiti- To2borni 2011/دارين حدشيتي- تؤبرني ٢٠١١


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