Saturday, July 16, 2011

Elie Bittar, The Lebanese Hipster

With too many star making reality shows, the Arab world is no different thant any other part of the world, they give young people the hope of becoming a star and then let them down. But it's not the fault of the show, the people taking part of those shows, need a plan on how to build on their fame.

Elie Bittar took part of Super Star Star Academy 5 four years ago and made a good job, earned many fans. Now comes his professional music video with a pop orientation and a Lebanese heart. It's actually a cool music video with a lot of fun elements, in an urban sitting. He won the title then.

I think this one is a good song where Ellie brings the best of his God given talents--his voice. And the music video is pretty much seals the deal as the cinematography and the models all do a fine job. The only thing I know Elie has struggled with is finding a production company that believe in him enough to invest some money.

Elie Bitar - Bel'ard / إيلي بيطار - بالأرض


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