Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Marwan Khoury Vs. Elissa You Win

She is the hottest romance songs singer where her emotions are written all over her songs. He is the best composer for sweet romantic songs with a voice of an angel. Together they made some of the most beautiful songs, of course Elissa sings and Marwan composes--even thought he is an acclimated singer.

Will they collaborate again? It seems some sources are suggesting Marwan Khoury is not rushing to work again with Elissa. It was reported that he has said, he is working on an earth shattering big song.

Whatever happens next, it important we like this duo and like to see them work together once again. Check out this clip where the singers perform the same song, you be the judge. It's hard to compare, those are some of the most sensitive voices that know how to channel their sentiments.

ديو إليسا ومروان خوري في شي إنكسر Exc marwan & elissa


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