Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Israeli Singer And Lebanese Dancer

Israelis and Lebanese do not dance together, there is bad blood between both sides, but the Lebanese have seen the worse of the Israelis. That's why when you get to see footage some some random Israeli singer and some Lebanon flag carrying belly dancer you have to wonder out loud: What the hell?

To start, many white girls and non Arab girls take up belly dancing, so that does not make the girl Arab--she might be though. Two anyone can purchase a Lebanese flag and sport it. There are so many Lebanese leveling all over the world, so this global community might have attracted this dark hared belly dancer.

Also not sure about the singer and his politics, he might be a lefty or a hipster who is all about locking hands and getting along with everyone. But I do also know that leftists realize that the flag of Israel represents oppression for many. So this makes one bizarre story to tell. We do not even know much about the venue of this concert. I do get the feeling it's in some Western country.

Update: thanks to a reader of the blog. The dancer's name is Johanna Fakhry, the talented and courageous Lebanese dancer who joined Orphaned Land on stage, has penned a response to her inspiring and controversial artistic collaboration with the Israeli band.

one question does Ms. Fakhry know anything about Qana Massacre? But to her credit, she is just a belly dancer, she is not going to be the sharpest tool in the box. She makes her money dancing. The only voice defending her is none other than the man who shared the stage with her Kobi Farhi, the songwriter. I am sure both entertainers thought they are making history. Ms. Fakhry's dance with the flag of her country is not to be compared with the popular movie "Dances With Wolves".

راقصة لبنانية ومطرب إسرائيلي يثيران زوبعة "سياسية" .


  1. Apparently, this performance was from Hellfest in Clisson in France. There's more here and here and lots of other places online if you search on her name.