Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marwan El Shami, Another Lebanese Player

Ramadan is a holy month, but the TV executives have no idea about that, they make the worst entertainment (random naked people) just in time for the month. Check out this party music video at a bar/lounge where droves of party loving young men and women are having the time of their live.

This is what Marwan El Shami calls a good music video. The good looking Lebanses singer feels free to stalk the lady of his choice through the restaurant's kitchen and beyond. Jealous and confident guys are all over this music video, but then the girl Mawan has been chasing, is actually in a relationship.

Then he feels left out of the whole thing, but not to worry, he finds another chick as hot to play his games with her.

Marwan El Shami - Shou Hayda / مروان الشامي - شو هيدا


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