Monday, July 18, 2011

Ammar Hassan Concert Turns The Night into Day

The most famous Palestinian participant of the reality TV shows, and he can actually sing and offers less drama. The son of Salfeet, the small West Bank town he might as well be the most famous person that makes the town proud

That manly voice of his and his performance of folklore songs set him aside from many of his generation. While it seemed that Ammar Hassa took few years off her career, this summer season he is making a strong comeback in both Amman and Palestine, this is a very welcome comeback for Ammar--he is home

Check out this reportage of his concert at the Berziet University campus and make sure not to miss the two old ladies dancing to his songs.

حفل الفنان عمار حسن في بيرزيت Ammar Hassan In Birzeit


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