Sunday, July 17, 2011

Asmahan Is The Saddest Arab Voice

Asmahan was the scariest person that Oum Kalthoum has ever faced. Some argue that Asmahan was the most serious threat to the career of the most famous Arab singer because one she was really good and her talent has no limits. Plus she had that exotic thing about her being from Syria--Egyptians are helpless against this factor.

But on her personal life, Asmahan has little to be happy about, she was forced into a bad marriage, she lives away form her family. There were lots of rumors about Asmahan being a collaborators with the occupation. And then came her tragic death when her can fell in the river.

Thus you know this voice had always something to be upset about, she had pain in her voice and you can easily detect it, in her songs. Name one happy song of Asmahan's? You really cannot, because even if the lyrics were happy, Asmahan's vocals will make it sound tragic.

Asmahan's legacy will be kept in the memories of the people who lived during her time. Her songs continue to be those underrated gems in the Arabic archive. Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakhrjy played that role of Ashamah in that well acclaimed biopic of her life. Syrian singer Waad Al Bihiry added her voice to fill in for Asmahan's songs.

اجمل اغاني اسمهان The best of Asmahan


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