Monday, July 18, 2011

Amal Maher Hot 2011 Album

Amal Maher has had one album in 2006 and ever since she has been on everyone's mind. While her career goes far beyond those short years, she is everyone's favorite female voice form Egypt. Known for her strong voice that suits Tarab style songs, Arabic classical songs that require a balance of great voice, charm and respect.

Amal has all these things, but for more than two years now and we have been hearing about her new album which will be finally released this year after trouble with production companies, Ms. Maher has made up her mind and singed up with Alam Alphan where seasoned producer Mohsin Jaber and his team will be backing the album.

The songs have been all recorded in Studio M and Studio Laila and ready to go, I cannot get my hands on this album soon enough! As of this moment we have the list of songs that will be featured on the album. It feels like a love album with some serious heavy weight lyrics and composers putting their best efforts. The music video will be filmed in Turkey and we are told it will be something to look forward to.

This will be a challenging album for Amal as of this moment no single song of hers has made it big and stuck around. We all know her, but not for her own songs! So Amal is going out of her way to show that she can bring that elusive hit.

Update: I check out the promo for the songs, and what I heard left me with more questions than answers. I have a lot more doubts about the changes of Amal Maher making a hit album. Do not get me wrong, they are all good song, but the samples cannot tell the whole story.

ويضم الألبوم الجديد 10 أغنيات هي:

  1. "Rayeh Biya Feen"رايح بيا فين" التي سيتم تصويرها كلمات نادر عبد الله وألحان وليد سعد وتوزيع وليد شراقي.
  2. "A'raf Mineen"أعرف منين" كلمات نادر عبد الله وألحان تامر علي وتوزيع نادر حمدي.
  3. "Dameery""ضميري" كلمات أيمن بهجت قمر وألحان وليد سعد وتوزيع فهد.
  4. "Ana Bardu"أنا برده" كلمات نادر عبد الله وألحان وليد سعد وتوزيع توما.
  5. "Salmit Marah Aleek"سلمت مرة عليك" كلمات محمد عاطف وألحان تامر علي وتوزيع نادر حمدي.
  6. "Itqy Rabna Fiya"أتقي ربنا فيا" كلمات جمال الخولي وألحان محمد يحيى وتوزيع أحمد عبد السلام.
  7. "Mish Hasma'ak"مش هسمعك" كلمات محمد عاطف وألحان رامي جمال وتوزيع نادر حمدي.
  8. "Lilzikrah"للذكرى" كلمات نادر عبد الله وألحان تامر عاشور وتوزيع تميم.
  9. "Feek Hitit Ghroor"فيك حتة غرور" كلمات خالد تاج وألحان خالد عز وألحان نادر حمدي.
  10. "Inta Legeery"أنت لغيري" كلمات هاني عبد الكريم وألحان تامر عاشور وتوزيع فهد.

Amal Maher - Ana Ba'dak / امال ماهر - انا بعدك


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