Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ehab Tawfik From Bikinis To Religion

Maybe something happened and Ehab Tawfik has found religion in his heart, but the pop singer of Egypt that has ruled the scene of pop music for 2o years of mostly good entertainment is back this Ramadan season with an album of 23 track of religious themed songs. This album took one singer, one lyricists and one music composer to bring to life.

This is not new to him, Ehab has released singles with religious songs in his career, but since about three years ago, he has become a lot more religious in his performances. He has not done public concerts for some time. And now he is a frequent guest on talk shows on Al hayat network, where he also does concerts for his religious and spiritual songs.

But now the album is released by Mazzika label, the same label that releases Tamer Hosny Albums with material that is so anti religion. This album is all about sales and making money in a crowded pop scene religion may pay. Even the cover of the album is nothing short of self promotion. For example, Wael Jassar does not put his pictures on his religious albums and neither did Angham last year. But Ehab does it anyway and he is wearing a chain too.

While we do not know what's on the artist's heart, we only know what we see and we know his couple of racy music videos. Those 23 tracks are mostly under two minutes songs/prayers tackling topis about the prophets and their lives. Each song has a vocal (no music) version and one with music to appeal to pretty much everyone even those who do not like music even if it's served with religious messages.

01.Ya Nesaa Al Moslemeen [ Vocal ]
02.Ya Nesaa Al Moslemeen
03.Sedna El Nabi [ Vocal ]
04.Sedna El Nabi
05.Salamet El Oloob [ Vocal ]
06.Salamet El Oloob
07.Roda Men Reyad El Ganna [ Vocal ]
08.Omar Al Farook
09.Nabena Yousif [ Vocal ]
10.Nabena Yousif
11.Khadega [ Vocal ]
13.El Yateem
14.El Yateem 2
15.Ehlam Bel Ganna [ Vocal ]
16.Ehlam Bel Ganna
17.Arehna Ya Bilal [ Vocal ]
18.Arehna Ya Bilal
19.Al Azan
20.Adam W Hawwa [ Vocal ]
21.Adam W Hawwa
22.Abo Bakr [ Vocal ]
23.Abo Bakr


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