Monday, July 18, 2011

Egyptain Singers You Must Know: Heba Yousef

Alam Alphan is an Egyptian company that knows a good talent when they see it, and they defiantly do not take risk or monkey around. If they think you are not worth being taken as a star project, they simply will tell you go away. that's what producer Mohsin Jaber does best.

The next bit thing from this company comes to be an young Egyptian female voice with so much talent and so much charm in her persona. Heba Yousef is her name. Releasing a number of hits in singles, she has built the kind of fandome few can afford in this age.

for her young age she sounds like someone who has the voice and the confidence that backs this voice enabling her to perform those hard to sing notes. Romance, pop and Tarab is where you will find Heba, she has a co.colorful style with a wide range of melodies. But most of her past songs had a hint of sadness set in a dramatic atmosphere.

I am beginning to think that Egypt has 85 million people, many of them can sing, this one can take you to the magic land the moment she holds that mic. She is young and has a lot of future ahead of her, I do think the mnusic writing could have been better for this album as it's 60 percent great not for the lack of versatile vocals, but for the lack of better words.

You Can listen to those songs by clicking on the links below

01 - Habiby 2olt Yama, pop music finally finds a decent voice to save this over-commercialized genre from suicide
02 - Momken Nerga3, the blues meet good songwriting on a sweet melody
03 - Hekayty Ma3ak, Tango with a soft voice can do wonders. Another tender song
04 - Seket, a pop song with great music and vocal arrangement, reveals a new Heba!
05 - Masdoma Feek, a slow song about cheating and betrayal brings Heba home
06 - Kalemto 3 Sa3at, an upbeat experiment meant for the dancer in you, but still blue-ish
07 - Enta Ro7ak, the music video form this song was released! Slow sounds like Amal Maher
08 - Zefony, Eastern melody starts and ends on a happy outlooks, it's about/for weddings
09 - Edert Keef, R&B in Arabic sound a lot more dramatic voiced by a lady makes them tragic
10 - Nefsy Tesma3, ditto
11 - Eeh Zamby, love the opening and the story, the music plays a supporting role.

هبة يوسف ـ حبيبي قلت ياما ـ جديد البوم


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