Saturday, February 18, 2012

Majida El Roumi Casts Her Spell On Morocco's

Thaht's the good kind of spill, not the bad one. So when Lebanese diva and romance gem Majida El Roumi headlines a night of romance, class and dazzle at Mawazine 2011 music festival, she makes sure to own the night.

Majida scored big when she perfomred local favorites from the Moroccan folklore. Not only did she bring a fine show, she even went out of her way to entertain the concert goers and dance along.

She had the flag and the dress, and then she was one of the locals. Majida is a world class entertainer and seems not to stop. She is also a concert draw as her classical songs about love are still floating around. I really liked her performance and think the people know what kind of diva, she is. But she adds to herself and her career by earning her check.
Majida El Roumi - Mawazine 2011 ماجدة الرومي - يا غزالي & يا بنت بلادي


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