Friday, February 17, 2012

Hatem 2012 Album Has Landed البوم حاتم العراقى - ذكرناكم

Iraqi blues are something else. For those blues, there's Hatem from Iraqi. the gifted composer singer and judging from his album cover, man of style. 15 freaking tracks offering a variety of musical and lyrical packages. The title song is about remembering the ones from the past. It's a song about the motherland asking for its people.

Hatem is a heart breaker, but what he really is, a story teller. Ballads from Iraq. With that comes fresh music, choby beat, and a lot of styles that collides to make this album. There is music made by a computer, and there are some that are made like they were made in the 30s.

This is a love album, not about its excitement, but rather it's dark days, and games phase. There's a song in the Egyptian dialect meant to tease the people of Egypt, the song is titled "The Good People"

04.Za3al Mny
05.Ya Far7a Ma Temt
06.Arfa3 Rasak
07.Al-Nas Al Tayabeen
08.Sheb Rasay
10.Al 5ayana
11.Khalya2 Allah
12.Kelmet A7bak
13.Halla Ya Nour
15.Mawal Al Sabr

حاتم العراقي ذكرناكم


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