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The Brightest Pop Star Teases Her Fans With Ya Nhar @shaymahelali

The crisis in Arabic music started in 2009 with the financial crisis and music producers and TV networks not investing money into them as much as they did just few years ago. In 2011, the industry took another hit due to the Arab Spring and the instability. And with faster internet (and smarter phones) going almost to all corners of the Arab World, piracy is an issue.

One artist stood tall among her peers and weathered the storm well, I am speaking of Shayma Helali who hails from Tunis (where the Arab Spring started) but she kept her upbeat persona and kept making good songs and stunning music videos. She really kept busy and she made a number of hits that rival her A list peers.

Shayma Helali is a gorgeous lady who rocks and strives to find good work wherever it may be. Like her upcoming music video which she filmed on the Nile river. This is amazing because her son is in Egyptian dialect. And the song uses an well-known catch phrase "Hell of a morning!" She pulls the tourist look so well and I cannot wait to see her latest.

In the last two years, Shayma Helali  sang in more dialect than most artists can do. She did this without losing people or coming across as something who is trying too hard.

Shayma Helali - Ya Nhar Teaser Soon | شيما هلالي - برومو كليب يا نهار قريبا من ميلودي

Friday, January 30, 2015

Graphic ISIS-Quality Romance By Yousef Homsi

Syrian songs are the most graphic songs in terms of violence. They sing about murder, death, knives for love. Seriously, take it down a bit guys. Like this song that talks about the sharp side of the knife. For your eyes, I would take a stroll on the sharp edge of the knife. Maybe this is some passionate love that can be seen cute.

But I think there is enough violence around us and such graphic references ruin something delicate such as love. I happen to like the song by Yousef Homsi, but I think there's no need to talk about knives when one talks about romance. The artist has a warm voice, and a good look that allows him to dance his way into your heart.

This is not just one song, there has been half a dozen of Syrian and Iraqi songs that made reference to death and execution for the sake of love. I name one by Roudia Attieh and another by Mohammad Majdoub (all of them hail form Syria).

Again, Yousef Homsi is awesome and I love his song, but I am sick of hearing of ISIS murders and butchering people, so let's stay away from that. We did not have as many of these references in the past, but I think since we are surrounded by violence, its creeps into more songs  

Yousef Homsi - 7ad El Skin يوسف حمصي - حد السكين

As Egypt Bleeds, Sisi Runs Out of People To Blame (Opinion)

Egypt elected a tough man to run their country. That general and a leader of a military coup promised to give them security and stability. He got them neither and in the process the fine people of Egypt gave away many rights and freedoms.

He has been in charge since  summer of 2013 and everyday his government reports terrorists attacks. It's sad that real people are hurting. But does not he take credit for these attacks? Didn't people vote him in to end these attacks? I think he is making them worse. Why do I blame him? Well for starter he only wants to be a president of about 50 percent of the population. The rest he has either imprisoned, intimidated, killed or marginalized.

Marginalized people have little to lose. Plus he already razed couple of towns in the Sinai, thousands of families lost their homes because he wanted to clear an area and make sure it's safe. Well, yesterday the people he said he will erase, attacked his army and police force and murdered scores of good officers. The ones who attacked the army and the police are to blame for sure. But did they have any alternative?

I have been to those part of the Sinai, the people do not feel the government represents them. The governments takes all the resources from the Sinai and gives little back. There are massive farms, amazing beaches, mining, oil, granite stones, salt, tourism...etc. But the ones who run the show are people from Cairo and other cities, locals do not get any of the jobs and trust me they look at these nice resorts, villas, and hotels  that are only saved for the police and the army. Local people of course do not like this. The local population loves Egypt dearly, but the regime doesn't seem to trust them and treat them as second class citizens.

When the Sinai natives go to Cairo, they always mistake them for Palestinians since the dialect is so similar. They are Egyptians who got nothing for their citizenship. Their schools are in a bad shape, their hospitals are not much to speak of, and their universities are under-funded.

The army units in Rafah (the Egyptian side) should not feel they are surrounded by hostile population, they need to do more to earn the hearts and minds of the locals. I know this because I spent a night with them and they asked me not to move too much, since the snipers may gun any suspect. We spent the night talking about the States, they kept me safe and I gave them cigars and stories. They gave me army-made date filled cookies. They are good people, and they are not allowed to turn a light at night out of fear they would be targeted.

Again, condolences to the families of the police and army officers, the government has blood on its hands. Talk to your people Sisi, all of them-even if you think they are wrong or misguided, they remain citizens and they need to be broughtt in.     

Below is a new song about a verse in the Koran that tells the house of Jacob to enter the land of Egypt in peace as they will feel safe and secure. You can see this verse in pretty much each of Egypt's crossings and ports.
Edkhloha Amnen(yarab Masr) - Sherif Abd El Moniem ادخلوها امنين (يارب مصر) - شريف عبد المن

Radio Interview With Marwa Nasr

<div class="yt-alert yt-alert-default yt-alert-error yt-alert-player"> <div class="yt-alert-icon"> <img src="" class="icon master-sprite" alt="Alert icon"> </div>< div class="yt-alert-buttons"></div><div class="yt-alert-content" role="alert"> <span class="yt-alert-vertical-trick"></span> <div class="yt-alert-message"> You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. <br> <a href="">Download it from Adobe.</a> </div>< /div></div>
Moroccan radio talked to Egyptian pop songstress an a fun interview, they talked about all her new projects, and how things are going well for her. I must say, the radio seems like a fun show and the host seems to know how to keep people interested.
Marwa Nasr was on Star Academy few years ago, and she released two albums. It's a fluff piece and plenty of soft questions, still it's fun to hear they have such shows. Marwa has not done a lot of big events lately, but I know she would be doing some weddings and private functions. She also just sang in Bahrain and performed a song for the King of the land.
This is pretty interesting to see the interview and the guest feel like they are best friends, it was a warm chat. Not clear where Marwa stands on Bahrain, but it seems she is happy to perform and sing for a place that has money. If principles matter to her, she would sing for a Libya--for free.  Aside from that Marwa's interview got into singing a bit.  


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Myriam Atallah Wants YOU To Dance! شب الشببكلي ميريام عطا الله @Mem_Atallah

Lyrics are by Hussein Ismail, Wessam Amir composed, Tony Abu Khalil produced and Syrian Star Academy Alum  Myriam Atallah sings. I think 2013 was a kind year for Myriam Atallah, 2014 wasn't. So let's hope with the new release we will be seeing and hearing more for this Syrian pop artist whose a concert gold.

This is an upbeat song made right for the dance can just imagine the Debka ring and people holding hands to this song. It's pop candy by a star whose fans have so much energy. She comes from an acting and theater background, so she is more than a pretty voice. She did act before she was known for singing.

شب الشببكلي ميريام عطا الله جديد وحصري 2015 / Myriam Atallah

Egypt's Hakim Plans a Stunning Comeback With "Akher Sazaga"

The original common man artist  from the 90s is about to give his career another birth. Hakim of Egypt will have a new album this month and a new music video. The elad song he composed the music for, so let's see if he can impresses us again.

Sure, there will always be the new fans who come in just now, but the fans who have been with him throughout his career have something to say. So far we see balloons, snow, and a lady not dressed for the cold. The song has been given the name "The Ultimate Stupidity" or the biggest let's see if the title will be a commentary on the artist or his critics.

Hakim is been busy shoving General Sisi down everyone's throat with the release of few songs here and there. Plus he had few concerts in Europe for his Egyptian fans. Now, let's see if he can revive the old glory of his past career when he was that guy who told a love story as you would explain it to the cab driver.

Akher Sazaga promo

ألبوم : نار - Album : Nar
كلمات : أمل الطائر - Lyrics : Aml El Ta'er
ألحان : حكيم - Composer : Hakim
توزيع موسيقي : حميد الشاعري - Music Arrangement : Hamid Al Sha'eri
مكساج : أحمد جودة - Mixing : Ahmed Gouda
إخراج : مازن الجبلي - Directed by : Mazen El Gabali

Wow! An Amazing Cover By The Fantastic Lydia Lyon @LyonessMusic

While the suburbs of Saint Louis, Missouri may be open fire, one Lydia Lyon from that part of the world is literary on fire. She is a rising young artist who has been taking stages across the United States as a sensational violinist and sultry vocalist. Lydia chose an Arabic song to cover, and that song happened to be for one of my all-time favorite artist. Amal Maher released this amazing song in 2011 and did a sweet job telling a love story.

Glad to see the song got the attention of Lydia who did the song's still random but some of the best things in the world are random. Wow! seeing this All-American artist perform the song, one cannot help but be dazzled. I got goose pump just watching the cover. This is a universal song now, and I am certain Amal will be flattered to see her song getting to more ears.

More on Lydia

Having begun her career at the age of 12 years old, she graced the stage along side many greats. Sharing stages with artists such as The Roots, Earth Wind and Fire, and The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, Lyon has created quite a buzz in the world of contemporary and traditional music.
By the time the young artist graduated Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, she had already made her debut in mainstream media. Between her recording session and music video shoot with Wyclef Jean, her appearance on Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards with Kevin James, and her performance with Alison Krauss and the Eagles, she has certainly made noise since her move to Boston.

Now Lydia performs as an independent musician around the New England area. Her soulful sound and vocal precision graces many ears as she continues to dazzle her audiences.

Amal Maher - Aaraf Menin (Lydia Lyon Cover)

Amel Maher..Aaraf mini...آمال ماهر أعرف منين

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Busted! Egyptian Actor Rico Arrested On Drug Charges

There was once a popular actor in Egypt with the name Rico, he was the funny sidekick who would say the craziest stuff. He would also do songs as well, and he had a catchy name...Rico.

His real name is Khalid Salah el Deen best known by Rico. He was just arrested on drugs charges along with a number of his friends. Security forces got a tip about an apartment frequented by the actor where he allegedly did drugs.

He was arrested Wednesday January 28, 2015. After conducing an investigation and issuing the right warrants, the police raided the apartment in El Oboor City and arrested all the individuals on site. Rico has not commented on those charges yet.

The actor and his friends was instructed to give a blood and urine samples for drug testing. Rico's last role was his appearance on a number of Ramadan TV dramas.


Rico - Shobra / ريكو - شبرا

We Will Always Have The Late Greek singer Demis Roussos's Arabic Song

To me this was a mystery song that I fell in love with, without knowing who is behind it. The song came in the early 2000 and it was on every CD and in every car and on every playlist on those primal MP3 players.

I could not find any info on the artists behind the song, I only new it was called Far Away. But I just learned it has the voice of the now late Greek singer Demis Roussos. Hasna from Morocco is the female voice and boy did they make a hit song?

Demis Roussos, a Greek singer whose often high-pitched pop serenades won him household recognition in the 1970s and 1980s across Europe and beyond and who sold more than 60 million records, died Jan. 25 at a hospital in Athens. He was 68. The hospital said the singer died following a lengthy hospitalization, but did not give a cause of death.
Hasna has not spoken or performed much lately but she did have a good run up to 2005. I am certain she is proud of this collaboration. I do not know how it came about, but it was like a fireworks. See this music video for the song where I imagine, you do not see neither artists.  

Demis Roussos ft Hasna - FarAway

7 Facts Every Music Lover Should Know

Growing up, I recall watching a commercial for butter where in the Netherlands one company claims to pamper their cows which gives them better milk. That's just one fact, but there are seven of them. My two favorite facts are that nostalgia is the most common emotion on songs and that repeating chorus increases the chances of a song becoming a hit.

Thank you BuzzFeed for reporting on this...

7 Facts Every Music Lover Should Know

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet Mohamed Mohsen, The Biggest Egyptian Star On SoundCloud

I have written about indie artist Mohamed Mohsen few times before, but this time, I write about him in the context of the medium he choses for his songs.  This Egyptian singer and composer with an authentic voice from the streets of Cairo. He can make his voice to fit any topic and melody he is working with. Mohsen's choice of unique music and lyrics highlights his deep belief in preserving the Egyptian culture.

Many admire his innovative covers for masterpieces of great musicians; the Egyptian "artist of the people", Sayed Darwish, and Mohammed Abdel-Wahab known as the "musician for all generations". Not bad for a young artist whose career and journey began in "Tahrir Square" where his voice strikes a chord with his lovers of memories of the January 25th revolution. Mohsen released his first album "Al-Laf fe Shawre'ek" in January 2012 in which he reflected the reality of Egyptians' everyday life. The album won the love and admiration of his fans and critics and envy of his peers.

He is an award-winning artist. But also before landing on music, his first acting and drama and theatre experience though his performance in the play "Hekayet elnas fe thawret 1919" on “National Theatre” and the series "Zay ElWard" which was presented in Ramadan 2012, in which he offered his fans several romantic songs which are among his hits till the present day.

Among his proud moments performed in a concert in Lebanon alongside legendary activist turned musician Marcel Khalifa.

Mohsen shares his songs on his Sound Cloud profile page, where you hit one song and you never know where the next song is coming from. This is like playing a game that allows you to explore new tracks and travel to new destinations.

Find him here


Abou Elleef Gets Humiliated, Losts His Cool (Video)

When you are a big star, you expect people to treat you with respect and courtesy. At least, you do not want them to disrespect you. Abou Elleef, the popular hairy Sha'abi/pop artist was at weddings in Cairo last night and he was being cool and cute, up to the point when someone saw him trying to slide on the table...that jerk called him with a name like Abou Elleef you a way to demean him.

Abou Elleef did not appreciate it and went back wanting a fight. He called out that jerk for his impoliticness and almost got in a hand fight with him. I do not know what Abou Elleef was trying to accomplish with this move, but then he was having none of it and the shouting match started....I could care less for either parties, but this is part of the loss of respect of common courtesy.

Afterall this wedding is very local and some people who have never seen a celebrity in their lives were present. Lots of cameras and journalists were in the wedding hall as well.

خناقة بين ابو الليف والمعازيم فى فرح مى مكساب بسبب فعله حركة غريبة

Ramy Ayach's Good Deed, Fifty Scholarships Concert

Ramy Ayach got married, few days later he went hunting with his buddies, then now he is back in action with a concert. The concert has a feel-good, volunteers and artists took over a concert fundraiser, where Ramy sang for free and the money was used to educate and provide supplies for 50 students. I like this, it helps those who do not have the means.

The name of the charity is named after Ramy Aycah, ""Ayach Childhood:, Sarah Hany came to party with them, and she sang and so did Nadir Al athat, I like when artist do stuff fro free, then boast about it and tell us they just did something nice. This was some nice party for friends, and it looks like Ms. Ayach stepped in the spotlight.

People came to have a good time, party and do something good and rewarding for those 50 students. Look bless their hearts for doing this, but think about the cost for themselves, nothing, they came, they had a good time and looked good. Now, how paid for the other costs? the room setup? the labor, and the food? It was not donated or was it?

رامي عيّاش يساعد 50 طالباً لإكمال دراستهم

Monday, January 26, 2015

Old Fart Mohamed El Helw Sings A Love Song For The Thuggish #Egypt Police

In the 80s, there was a big artist that excited Arabia and his name was Mohamed El Helw, he sang love songs in a very Egyptian way and simple way. But the 90s came and he did not transition well and his name faded away.

Then two years ago he was sentenced on charges of fraud and conspiracy in a Egyptian court. He did head the musician guild briefly before he was let go. So, you know the guy us not the best moral character in the world. So few hours after the ruthless Egyptian police have gunned down 20 people in cold blood. What does Mohamed El Helw  do?

Nothing, but a new song by him has been released and the song is salting the police, but fails to mention the people who are Egypt's biggest asset. The song only talks about the sacrifices of the police, and overlooks the sacrifices of the people. There is a huge disconnect between the way the police sees itself and the way they conduct themselves.

Right now, the police in that country as popular as Ebola, so the song's timing is questionable, plus the police paid him for this weak song, and their logo comes right before the song plays. So in a nutshell, this is a government that robs the poor and takes their money to make songs about how cool they are. But wait, the police does murder people. Just ask Shaima Al Sabbagh.

But politics aside, this song and music video are so cheap, it makes it easy to point to its shortcoming. I think the artist is doing this song ion the hopes, he won't have to serve jail time for his crimes.

Taheya wagbh - Mohamed El Helw تحية واجبة - محمد الحلو

Hiba Tawaji Gets A French Standing Ovation On The Voice #France (Video) @hibatawaji

Hiba Tawaji took her voice to The Voice, but no, not to the Arab one, the French one. I guess it must be that the Arab world is too contained for her larger than life talent. While she might not be the first Lebanese to grace (and dazzle) the French music scene (watch the first one here), she comes with a longer track record.

This appearance came as a surprise, as Hiba comes from a solid theater background, and some serious three albums. She has collaborated with the famed music powerhouse that is Rahabni household. Now she went to France and dazzled the judges with her hit Arabic song. I like that she plays to her strength, her Arab pride, and her Arab fan base.

She has sang in other languages before, and she has done very well, but nothing get her to scream from the top of lungs like her classy Arabic songs. She did get her standing ovation and she electrified the audience. Watch her be comfortable with her French, and her brilliant performance.

I trust she did this appearance for kicks and to get a validation that her voice has a crossover appeal and charm that defies the language that limits.
Hiba Tawaji the voice france 360p

Power Couple Goran Salih & Perwaz Hussein Celebrate "Kurdistan"

A Kurdish lady who can sing traveled far on Arab Idol and came close to winning the title. She has warmth, authenticity, and inner and outer beauty. This graceful lady is Perwaz Hussein. It was a well-known fact that her husband is also a musician--Her Arabic is much better than his. But this is not the topic, they sing in Kurdish and have done well for themselves. Goran Salih and Perwaz Hussein sang around the world to Kurdish communities.

They are great....but now they decided to do a song that celebrates the dream land where all Kurds aspire to live, a land known as Kurdistan. Somewhere in between, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. I happen to the like their music, and their pride and I think good things happen to people who work hard. Goran Salih and Perwaz Hussein clearly put the hours.      

This is a song that went viral and close to half a million people viewed it. Few things to clear, I've never been a manly man. Not keen on sports, action and do not like machismo. But Kurdistan has a big gun culture, even their women know how to fire a gun and fight a war.

Let's celebrate the iconography that comes from a long standing tradition. I am not get a word they are saying, but it's so close to Arabic music and culture and tongue (calm down not the same). I love the mountains, the nature and the rugged territories. This is some fertile land folks.  
Goran Salih ft Perwaz Hussein - Kurdistan - گۆران ساڵح - په‌رواز حسێن - كوردستان - (Kurdish Music)

Cairokee Musters The Courage To Shame Egyptian Media #Television @CairoKee

Arguably Cairokee is Egypt's biggest indie band, they might also be it's best rock band of all time. I know they shot to fame after the January 25th 2011 revolution, but they made good music and had a decent message. Though I had a falling out with them in the wake of the army coup of July 2013. Cairokee had no trouble expressing their opinions up to that point.

They chose silence, now it seems they were moved to speak about the abuses they see in Egypt. After the cold-blooded assassination of Shaima Al Sabagh- the leftist activist who was gunned down in the hands of her husband.

Enjoy the new song where they rock to making fun of Egyptian media and the various colorful TV programs that offer nonsense and silly analysts. This is a true song, as the media in Egypt has gone to the dark side, and only idiots who are pro army get to have a talk show...but this is not the only alarming thing. TV hosts in Egypt lie and defame people to support an imagined community. This is a smart yet bold song by the band. They do not like what they see, but they know they have a limit on how much they can say.

I like how they take to task the sad state of Egyptian media and finger pointing where if you are not with them, you are an enemy. As far as the music is concerned, this is a sweet song that has some serious appeal to those who appreciate a more Western music style. The band still makes great music, comes up with creative ideas and travel the world in support of their music and their ideals.

I applaud their return to common sense and pointing the oblivious in the lame, no good horrible state of media inside the country known as Egypt. You really cannot have a revolution without either a smart media to educate you or a media so bad it makes you laugh till you cry.

Cairokee Television (أغنيه التليفزيون من البوم كايروكى القادم (ناس و ناس

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nice One! Diva Amal Maher With Zekrayatna (Regata Movie Trailer) @amalmaher

We are three weeks into 2015, and Amal Maher has released a golden single, a beautiful and a classy mini album, and a hit movie song. No idea where she finds the time to pick these winners yet alone record then, but she does it. It's unfair to the other singers, as Amal is getting all the coverage, the gigs and the legacy.

And you know what, she has a new album in he can ready to go this year as well. The song you will hear below is about longing for the wrong people and falling in love so easily...and then turning those experiences into nostalgia. It's like a story about the places we go and the people we cross paths with.
It looks like a movie I will fall in love with.

As for Amal's voice one attribute I come to appreciate is how she changes notes so well to fit not just each verse, but each word. She is like that great speechwriter who is able to move people and changes moods in a heartbeat. She does that when the song calls for it.

Seriously, Amal, you are so good here and I am glad your voice graces this worthy film about some real-life issues. Regata has a solid cast all around and things are looking great for it.
Enjoy Amal's voice and let her take you to where she might be afraid to go by yourself.  

Zekrayatna (Regata Movie Trailer) - Amal Maher ذكرياتنا (تريلر فيلم ريجاتا ) - آمال ماهر

Kuwaiti Crooner Abdullah Al Rowaished Finds The Sweet Spot!

Kuwaiti  Crooner Abdullah Al Rowaished is full of surprises throughout his 30 years of music career. Known best for his strong voice, that takes men where few singers dare to go, he is an emotional complex artist with a soft and intimate style. His voice is made perfect for proems about love, distance and sorrow.

In his songs, Abdullah Al Rowaished  is either backed by a full orchestra, a big band or by a piano. He has a sentimental and emotional singing style made possible by his musical talents. He is one of  five big names in the Kuwait music scene. He could be in more places and more playlists, but he seems like a shy guy who shuns the media, and does not like to be the subject of his music videos. He makes up for that by choosing exotic locations to serve as the backdrop of his songs.

Abdullah composes many songs, and his music often seems like a journey with highs and lows to keep up with the lyrics he is singing.

Abdullah Al Rowaished ... Elli Hassal - Video Clip | عبد الله الرويشد - إللي حصل - فيديو كليب

Friday, January 23, 2015

Hiba Tawaji Covers Whitney Houston Beautifully

Hiba Tawaji sang in classical Arabic, Lebanese Arabic and Egyptian dialect. Now she is expanding her reach to move languages and more songs. It's a given that she speaks French, I have also heard a clip of her doing a German comes her attention to American songs.

Her go to was a little known hit by the late Whitney Houston. She chose to cover "I Have Nothing" While nothing compared to the troubled American legend's voice and style. Hiba did the song justice. For a second it sounded like Hiba is mimicking the late diva, but in fact she is just showing off that she can hit all the notes--she flexes her vocal muscles and I love it.

I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston) - Cover By Hiba Tawaji

Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing (Lyrics)

What Coup in Yemen?! Yemni Songstress Arwa Releases A New Song "Ya Momayaz" @ArwaOnline

Arwa is on hell of a gorgeous lady. She is also a smart entertainer who sings, acts, and hosts TV programs. She return this once with a new music video for the lead song from her album of last year. She is going for Femme Fatale, surrounded by droves of handsome and well-dressed men. She is giving them a press conference in what seems like an integration room.

It's not a song that I love, but it's targeting the population in the Gulf, who like this sort of music and only them. I do not get the rain scene, and the umbrellas and all these warplanes!  Not the right time, giving ISIS just detained a Jordanian pilot. But back to the music video, the music video tries to hard to do something foreign and new. It does for a bit in the colors and the makeup. And also Yemen just went crazy, but Arwa has not be living there for some time now.

I am not in love with the song, but I think Arwa is right to try a different look with a song that will pay the rent. I know she has many friends in the music and the show biz, and they seem happy for her.

.. Arwa ... Ya Momayaz - Video Clip | أروى ... يا مميز - فيديو كليب

How Old Is She? List Of The Real Years and Ages For Arab Celebrities

  1. Elissa, the romantic Lebanese hit-maker born in 1971--she one anti-marriage entertainer
  2. Nancy Ajram, the spunky and cheeky songstress born in 1983--happily married with two girls
  3. Kadem Al Saher, the charming Iraqi musician was born in 1957--married twice at least
  4. Asalah, the Syrian diva with mighty voice born in 1969--married twice, has at least three kids
  5. Ahlam, the UAE firecracker and pop star was born in 1969-married with a family
  6. Haifa Wehbe, the nova, and Lebanese personality was born in 1969-divorced twice
  7. Carole Samaha, the Lebanese golden gem and show woman born in 1972--just got married
  8. Sherine Abdel Wahab, the Egyptian iconic songstress born in 1980--divorced with two girls
  9. Maya Diab, the pop star from Lebanon and celebrity was born in 1978--has a little girl
  10. Mohamed Mounir, the legendary all-Egyptian singer was born in 1954--never married  
  11. Amr Diab, the rock star of pop music was born in 1961
  12. Ragheb Alama, the most popular statesman among the stars born in 1962
  13. Samira Said, the timeless Moroccan diva was born in 1959
  14. Najwa Karam, the most powerful lady voice in ages was born in 1966
محمد منير و نانسي عجرم ,, على مين ( حاره الساقيين ) ,, من برنامج Arab Idol Mohamed Mounir

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The New MBC X Factor Is very Old And Tired @elissakh @DoniaSGhanem @raghebalama

MBC took over the troubled show X Factor from CBC and they promised to make is something else. For the second season they brought back an old dog Ragheb Alama who left Arab Idol after two seasons. They also added an Egyptian music wonder Donia Sameer Ghanem. It should be interesting to see the interaction between the two new judges and old judge Elissa who remains on the panel. Elissa remains the only original judge (Carol Samah, Wael Kfoury, and Hussein Al Jasimi  have all left)

Thoguh Wael swapped chairs with Ragheb Alama. No doubt about it, Ragheb Alama is fun to watch and hear him speak is a true experience. He has his unique style and persona that we have loved since the 80s. Let's keep on mind that Ragheb did have some feuds with Elissa in the past since they released a duet 15 years ago. But I guess, they both have to kiss and make up now. Carol repeatedly that she had no chemistry with Elissa. It would be fun to see how awkward can Elissa make things on the program.

I look forward to hearing what Donia has to say, she is known for her sense of humor and one album that shattered records. While Donia has a warm voice and graceful presence, she remains a new comer to the music scene. She worked with about three lyricists and composers on her sole. album. So, she may be the nice voice on the panel.

Before MBC took over the program, it did not do very well in is very hard to compete with Arab Idol, Arabs Got Talent, Star Academy and the Voice. Will this be the time X Factor rivals other programs? Maybe, but then again these shows are all on MBC, so business is good. These is a huge hole in the panel, you have a star best known for his songs in the 80s, another one whose biggest hit was 15 years ago and a new comer with one album.

For me the first season lacked the fizz. Sure, they gave the title to some guy with an interesting voice, but where is he now? In face, the only one who benefited from being on the show is Adham Nabulis who was passed over, so far he seems to have done well in the name recognition. This would be the show's second season and show has been scouting for talents around few Arab countries for some time already. So this time we only have three judges, let's see if this can be a show that people would want to watch.     

MBC The X Factor - تجارب الأداء في مراكش 2

Arwa Pokes Fun of Haifa Wehbe's Naked Sheer Dress (Video)

Cross-talented Yemni entertainer Arwa has a new show, and she chose to make fun of that famous Haifa Wehbe dress she wore on MBC network on Star Academy. It was a revealing dress, it pretty much showed us Haifa Wehbe's backside with details in prime time.

The network apologized about the famous dress scandal and that too much Haifa. As for Haifa she always wins, as the press talked about her and her dress and the boys loved the bit. The guys pay her bills, the network scored big ratings, and those who make fun of Haifa also win....

Arwa enter the stage, a month after the fact, she poked fun of her and the dress. She even performed the song performed by Haifa using a real life black bar....I did not know about Arwa's show, but now I do. Keep on mind the show is also on MBC--the same network that brought us the naked dress.

اروى تستهزء وتقلد هيفا وهبي في برنامج خلينا علينا

Arab Boy Reggae Is Here....Watch ElectrowaveZ Ft Mikey Mike - Blaze Up Di Fun

 ElectrowaveZ Formed in 2008 combining the power, drive and talents of brothers Charlie Shaabi and Richard Savo, Start their carrier with Original Electro music and Honorable remixes that achieves top Charts in different platforms of contest.

The first official CD Album released in 2010 with the name "BrainStorm" 11 modern Electro Tracks that become success with special hits like "Sababa", "Barcode", "Yalla", and many more.

ElectrowaveZ Boost their sound on "Dubooster" EP in 2012 with heavy Dubstep wobbly Bass sound and pumping and broken beats.

The group change the music style but kept their special fusion taste.

Dubooster has released on 2012 and it contained 5 track with the hits "Cyber Attack" and "Lost Island".

Another important Project of ElectrowaveZ is the great Single Track collaborations with Mike Hanna on the Officially Music Video - "Blaze Up Di Fun".

Pumping Dubstep and Reggea Rhythm, Combining Reggae Muffin Style straight to the Dance floor.

The single has become a Hit in specific Areas and it Broadcasted on MTV channel on Base Program among popular HipHop Artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent and many more.

Last important Project called "Za3tar" the second officially album with full power raging bass lines, original compositions and fresh sounds, hot new Psytrance from the Pioneers of the Electronic Music that been growing their styles on local dance floors.

These dynamic elements all combine to create the perfect refreshing musical Psychedelic Fullon, with some Dubstep Beats and Modern Blending between Different Type Of Trance Type using Triplet and offbeat method that create advanced and Recent sound.

ElectrowaveZ Ft Mikey Mike - Blaze Up Di Fun [Official Music Video]

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

May Hariri Butt vs. Kim Kardashian's

May Hariri Lebanese entertainer is having a slow season, the last song she had came more than two years ago. In the music video it shows lots of skin and some people spoke ill of her. I did not. I thought it was a good music video, now May has always been confident about her looks and how she often compares her looks, fashion, style to other female artists in Lebanon. I enjoy her candid opinions and most of all that she thinks she is the prettiest.

May Hariri is a celebrity no doubt, famous for being famous. Most of her posting in the social media is about her glamorous life, things she owns, events she graces and travel she makes. Not about music which made her famous in the first place.

Some did not like her recent posting about her backside, she shared pictures of her butt out of the blue to people so she can make some point. Many online were helpless but to compare May's backside to that of a more famous one...Kim Kardashian. Both are mothers and both are unafraid to flaunt it.

I guess it has worked, now people are talking about May only took a fancy dress, a door and a will to show more....I guess, there are two things people will say...either good for her (you go girl!) or I would not believe she would do that, has she no shame?

May Hariri ft Fulla - Bahwak Clip 2012 / مي حريري وفلة - بهواك

The Greatest Movie Scenes For The Late Faten Hamama (Video)

Below, you will find her greatest scenes on films. This is an assortment of some of her finest acting scenes that extends to generations. Keep on mind, she spoke fluent French and has starred in a Hollywood film in the 60s (Cairo). Some dub the beloved actress as the "Audrey Hepburn of Arabia.

Egyptian actress Faten Hamama, an Arab film icon, died late Saturday at the age of 83, according to her son, Tarek Sharif, and Egypt’s official news agency, Mena.

Sharif did not give a cause of death, while the news agency MENA said she had a sudden health problem that led to her death, the French news agency AFP reported.

Mourners carry the coffin of Egyptian actress Faten Hamama for a funeral procession at a mosque outside Cairo, Egypt, Jan. 18, 2015.

Mourners carry the coffin of Egyptian actress Faten Hamama for a funeral procession at a mosque outside Cairo, Egypt, Jan. 18, 2015.

The actress’ death drew condolences even from Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi. In a statement, Egypt's presidency said the whole region had lost a valuable artistic asset.
Hundreds of mourners gathered in Cairo on Sunday for Hamama’s funeral.

Enjoy the trip that will give you a tour of her greats romantic moments, tragic ones and humors scenes. She is trailblazer and an icon many of today's actresses strive to challen.

أشهر مشاهد فاتن حمامة بالسينما في 3 دقائق


WATCH: Shady Farah - Wrak Al Kharif / شادي فرح - وراق الخريف @ShadyFarahMusic

Shady Farah is a big hit in Lebanon, the ladies seem to like him and the guys are indifferent. This is why it's news when he releases a new single about Autumn or the Fall. Maybe a good time to release such a song is September of October, but now we are winter already.

Never mind, it's a fun song about the leaves of the season. The young artist wrote the lyrics and performed them from the heart. He grew up playing musical instruments. As a composer, he has wrote many songs. But his own album came in 2011 with 13 tracks that range in melody. Shady think os himself seducing audience with sweetness

Shady Farah - Wrak Al Kharif [Lyrics Video] / شادي فرح - وراق الخريف

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Does Assala Khanat El-Zekrayat Sounds Like She Is Reciting The Holy Koran?

She will release a new album in few days and thankfully we now have a song on the album that we are already celebrating. One problem, I think the song sounds a lot like those religious songs from Egypt that air before you break your fast in Ramadan. And it seems to my ears as if Assala sounds like she is reciting from the holy book.

Calm down everyone, I think it's a big deal....but this is a song from a Syrian hit-maker whose music has been around longer than most of us.  It's a cool track about cheaters and betrayal in love....The song says, she won't live in the victim mindset. For more than a minute a half the song is slow and you feel the vocal quality by Assala, then the songs picks up the pace and the fire comes out.

It's a powerful song that will connect with her fans and the casual listeners. It has a wide-range of emotions and topics. Assala has the emotional scars to show for it--she has been cheated on by her former husband. She always sounds she is breathing fire when she sings about this very topic.

Powerful stuff that has all the right elements that makes Assala who she is. It's has a beautiful melody that sticks in your ears--addictive to drive a car listening to this single.  
Assala - Khanat El-Zekrayat | آصالة - خانات الذكريات [LYRICS]

WATCH: Rouwaida Attieh Goes Dreamy Romance In Her First Dance ‪#‎FirstDanceR3‬

Super songstress Rouwaida Attieh comes back with anew single and it feels like a weird one. She has a music video, and a handsome guy.....the song is in Arabic, but the title is in English. Not idea why she would do that had she had an ounce of self-respect.

No hate her, this is a great song, a romantic gem and the music video creates a feel that makes you think you are watching a Martha Stewart home shows. Plus, why does the handsome guy is stalking her like a creep? The lyrics are about dreamy girls and their very own fantasies. There are gift exchanges and smiles.

First dance is the title, but the song never mentions it, this is part of the DJ culture when they would be an American song for the slow dance portion of the wedding party. It's a hit song and it really tickles you and will make the day of some girl....the troubling thing is that it has been written by a man with the name Mohammad Hamza--he cannot be that good!

Then the imagination ends all of a sudden...but wait for it, there's a ring and an awkward hug not a kiss.  The good news, Sylvana Mawla directed Rouwaida Attieh here   

Rouwaida Attieh - First Dance [Official Music Video] (2015)

Directed By: Sylvana Mawla
Lyrics & Music: Mohammad Hamza
Arranger: Ali Hassoun
Mix & Master: Moayad Al Atrash
Studio: Nasser Al Assaad

The Hottie Strikes Again! Melissa In Jazeeret el Hob

Average pop songs are many, but when a hot and an attractive average pop songstress returns with anew one, you would want to hear it. Melissa who has been away form some years now, released a new single late late year. It was a romantic song from a girl to her new love. It feels like reading through a girl's diary.

The title of her song "The Love Island" and she found a good looking guy who looks like a real person. And there goes the love tale with the couple. Melissa is still looking her finest exotic self. It's a bit of a fashion show and Melissa looks a lot calmer than she has in the past. Also she is not doing her over the top self. The music video offers nothing new, but it does not distract from the there you have it.

مليسا | جزيرة الحب | Melissa | Video Clip | Jazeeret el Hob

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mohammed Assaf New Upbeat #Palestine Song - Dammi Falastini

His best songs are about Palestine. When he tried to sing about love he did just okay. I love Arab Idol and the kid from Gaza Mohammed Assaf....but his album was a dud. Sure, it sold a lot of records but tell me one song that will shape the young artists' career? I could not find one.

It's like he is out of battery juice when he sets his sight on anything other than Palestine. The motherland brings out the best from within him, and Assaf sounds like he feels something deep and it comes out with all that sorrow he has lived and seen in his years in Gaza Palestine.

So now came from nowhere to sing a new single for Palestine. A happy song about being a Palestinian in the blood. To my ears, this sounds like like Jordanian songs....but they are very similar to the Palestine folklore. It's a fun song about being from the land, and a member of the Arab demographics who value the city of Jerusalem.

This is a good song from Assaf and I know some of his fans who are not from Palestine will find it entertaining while feeling authentic. Keep on mind this is the time of the year when summer concert contracts are signed up. So Assaf is in the running and he is trying to bring back that euphoria we all felt for him two years ago.

Mohammed Assaf - Dammi Falastini

Adam, The Lebanese Low-Key Hit-maker In Egypt

The singer whose peers love him and his career flies under the radar is Adam, the young smart singer from Lebanon. He is the quite hit-maker, the guy who flies high and speaks less. He releases singles, about three a year, and does songs for TV shows and credit.

I do not think he is keen on releasing music videos, he has his own brand of songs--his signature voice is hard to replicate his style sets at a crossroad between the Lebanese pop school and the Egyptian pop school. He is sort of a bridge. He is a huge star in Egypt for his savvy songs about life and how things work out. He does romantic songs too, but those tend to do well at home. But his larger than life songs soar.

Like his song Eldonia or life.

اغنية ادم - الدنيا - 2013 adam - eldonia اجمل الاغانى

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gross! Actor Ahmad Alfishawy Grabs Haifa Wehbe's Butt

Troubled Egyptian actor Ahmad Alfishawy was at the movies, and when he saw a giant poster for Lebanese pop star Haifa Wehbe, he posed with it. Then she shared this picture with his fans on Facebbok. It's a juvenile move on behalf of a mediocre actor who has been shown (in a courtroom, and media) to have low morals.

Sure this is funny, if you are in high school, but it's sad when you are grownup man, with a kid and take such pictures. The poster is promoting Haifa's pornographic film (banned and then re-instated) by the government. Not going to see the film, but this is a low class move from an actor to be doing this to a fellow actress. I do not like it one bit.

This is sexist and unprofessional, I do not approve of Haifa much, but a guy should not get away with this. He is grabbing her butt/back and hoping to get cheap laughs for the loser he has become.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Breaking News: Beloved Actress and Icon Faten Hamama Dead at 83

Iconic Egyptian film star Faten Hamama, who was dubbed the “lady of the Arabic screen,” passed away on Saturday, Al Arabiya’s correspondent reported. She was 83.

A figure of the golden age of Egyptian cinema, Faten Hamama's career reached its pinnacle in the 1940s and 1950s. She starred in romantic movies alongside the famed Arab crooner Abdel Halim Hafez as well as in films advocating women's rights and condemning social injustices.

The state-run MENA news agency said she had in recent weeks suffered from a health condition that required hospital treatment. She was discharged from hospital only to be re-admitted because of a sudden illness before she passed away on Saturday.

She was one of Egypt’s most prominent actresses in the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s.

Hamama was born in the Delta city of Mansoura. She made her film debut when she was seven years old, featuring in Youm Saeed (Happy Day) alongside late legendary singer and composer Mohamed Abdel Wehab, and went on to star in over two dozen films.

In 1963 during her heyday, she starred in an American film called Cairo.

Hamama also acted in several TV shows, including Dameer Abla Hekmat (The Conscience of Mrs. Hekmat) in 1992 and Wagh Al-Qamar (Face of the Moon) which premiered in 2000.

The "Lady of the Screen," as she was dubbed, won a number of awards and honours throughout her career.

She was chosen the “Star of the Century” at the 2001 Alexandria International Festival, honouring her lifetime of achievement in Egyptian cinema.

Hamama married Egyptian film star Omar Sharif in 1955. They co-starred in several movies together and became one of Egypt's most famous celebrity couples, before divorcing in the mid-1970s.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Lebanese Artists Party It Up At Murex D'or Dinner w Zahi and Fadi Helou

Lebanon's biggest gala is back in season now. The Murex d'Or (also known as the Golden Murex award) is a Lebanese award created by Lebanese physicians, Zahi and Fadi Helou to recognize achievements in the domain of art in mostly in Lebanon, part of the Arab world. It's been an active event since 2000.

You will see the two physicians who take charge of it, dance around with the stars and sing. Random, that's the biggest award event in Lebanon is an event planned by two physicians who like glamour.

The awards are a big gala, but there is the pre dinner and the after party, and a week of celebration. The cameras were at the dinner and you get to see some of your favorite artists dance and sing like they are some fans. See Josef Attieh fire up the crowd and sing a song for Lebanon. Note even that self-loving hair stylist is dancing in the background. some good energy in the room and it felt like a Lebanese party.

This was the white night event, where all the guests were supposed to wear white to the event which explains why does everyone looks like a waiter. Even the carpet was white at this function.

كيف رقص النجوم على أغنية لبنان رح يرجع في عشاء الموريكس دور ؟ | Murex D'or Dinner

الفرسان الأربعة | كيف دبك النجوم على أنغام تعلى وتتعمر يا دار؟

What the hell is Anoudi? Ask Rahma Riad @RahmaRiad

She is the nicest girl of pop, she comes from a good home and was raised right. This is why she refuses to get into the music dating scene in exchange for music and songs. She wants to work with her talent and only that. Rahma Riad is unafraid to challenge the norm. This is why you would find her song choice is refreshing. She sings for the Iraqis and Gulfies...this is where the market is headed. She likes to get them to dance.

She came up with a col concept a song with lyrics, but also she is kicking around the comic strip. A trendy mush of her goofing around and dancing next to her lyrics.

The Iraqi performer, Rahma Riad, has launched today an innovative lyric music video for her new single “Anoudi”. The lyric video is neither a graphic nor a series of the artist’s pictures; it actually is filmed sequences of Rahma Riad herself moving with the lyrics while singing them.
This work was supervised by the director Jad Shwery in preparation for his portrayal of the song as a music video that would be later on played on Televisions.

For the first time in the Arab world, and in a daring initiative, the Production Company Watary has allocated a large fee to create a musical lyric video which sole target is online users. This move was made after the recurrent successes of the lyric videos produced by Watary, the first being the videos created for Nassif Zeytoun’s album release “Ya Samt”, in March 2013, and as well as Yara’s latest album “Aayesh Bi Oyouni”.

The lyric video created for the single “Anoudi”, is as vibrant with color as it is with creativity. The trendiness and the originality of this video do not only reside in its concept but also in the graphics used and the different wardrobe styles that Rahma Riad has been showed in.

Rahma Riad - Anoudi [Lyric Video] (2015) / رحمة رياض - عنودي

A Fresh Self-Help Album By Verstile Humood Alkhudher @HumoodAlkhudher @AwakeningRec

The London based music label Awakening Records is branching out into new markets and new genera. With one album, they are hoping to break into the Gulf market with open of the local boys who does not sing about religion, but rather about determination and wanting to be the best version of one's self.

This makes since to book Humood Alkhudher, I like this guy's voice and style. He conducts his voice in a very uplifting manner and it fits the topic at hand. We honestly, need more of these songs as despair, violence are a daily reality in most of the Middle East.

This is a teaser for an upcoming album.

He is a Munshid (Muslim style singer) from Kuwait but spent a great deal of his life in the UK. His first professional album came in 2002 where he made a big hit when he sang a song for Palestine. He kept releasing singles and taking parts of various TV programs. His voice was so recognizable that the telecommunication giant Zain asked him to voice one of their promotional campaigns

Humood AlKhudher مقطع - حمود الخضر - #أصير_أحسن | Aseer Ahsan - Teaser

The Arab James Brown Has a New Song Ahmed Adaweyah

Ahmed Adaweyah stands tall among his peers, he remains the unrivalled voice of authenticity found in the streets of Egypt, and in her most rugged neighborhoods. He sounds like the last happy guy who wants you to feel good. His voice is about elevating the marginalized people and making them feel good about their community.

This is why his songs are at every wedding, even though he has aged...but the artist within him released a new single and is working on anew album that will include six tracks. Ever since his stunning comeback in 2009 and he has been in the spotlight. Adaweyah came a long way from his days in the 80s where he would appear in movies and sing. Now he is an agreed upon voice and an essential Egyptian classic.

Hear him sing this folks song that has a natural dance beat and it radiated happiness. A song about families coming together and sharing sweets and beverages and gifting flowers.... I loved this surprise song and it really made my apartment a happy place and shows that you can make good songs without so much of the noise.

اغنية احمد عدوية - 100 بوسة ونص | كاملة | جديد 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Majida El Roumi Goes to #Kuwait To Sing And Gives Speeches

She went to Kuwait for a concert, her first in that country in 19 years. Majida El Roumi was there to open the concert, after all she is the voice that most Arab intellect listen to. She sang in Kuwait and she did very well. See her speak about her new album that she just started working on.

She made news headlines with his concert, and she shared with them some of her new and old songs. Her fan were in for a treat. She did give her speech before singing about how Kuwait is protected by the almighty. Is it me or does she seems on a low energy mode.  

People came for her old songs, but enjoyed her feel fluffy speeches. The live orchestra did a wonderful job, but folks came in to be her company. See her blow them away with her beloved classic Kalimat.

I think many of the millennials know the name, but they do not know why she is a big hit. I believe she has given the young music fans some flavors of her past legacy. Her Ghazal album was a nice one and it sold millions of copies, yet it's buried and we did not get to see a music video yet.

ماجدة الرومي لإيلاف: أبدأ التحضيرات لألبومي الجديد في فبراير

Mohammed Mounir Loves Women, But Is Not Marrying One

Mohammed Mounir is a well-known Egyptian rock star whose approach to music different than most in the local music scene. The son of Southern Egypt (from Aswan) has been rocking the Arabic music scene for thirty something years and he is not slowing down.

The song below is one of his better known songs, "On Loving Women" about the adventure of falling in love with one, it's a funky song with a wonderful beat and recognizable melody that gets the masses to dance. It's hard to imagine a Mounir concert if he did not perform this song--it was released ini the early about ten years ago.

It was produced by the most celebrated Egyptian producer Nasr Mahrous and his Free Music label. He did get married last year for about a month and then filed divorce and he has been reported to have said, "I am not made out for marriage"

Mohammed Mounir - Fi 3esh2 El Banat "Live Concert" ... محمد منير - في عشق البنات "حفلة"

Cirque Du Myriam Fares! Where Dance Meets Acrobat #Aman

Every few minutes pop songstress Myriam Fares likes us to know she is very flexible. She is a lady whol can sing and dance like hell, but this time with the new release of her Aman Album, she wanted to move beyond dance. So she went with the acrobat moves and theme.

See her do some of her moves in this audio video for her hit song. Luckily, she chose a song that has been around for a thousand year. One of the old Andalusian Muwashahat that was arranged for this new age by Hadi Charara and mixed Elie Barbar - Mastering: Abbey Road Studios - Produced by Myriam. A company that Myriam started to hold all her rights.

This is a decent song, and it shows some class and better the song will travel to non-Arabic speaking countries like Turkey, Spain, Iran and beyond. The thing about Myriam Fares is she is willing to go there and try new things that may sound challenging at best.

I think since this is a folklore song, many people have different opinions on this cover, but I maintain this song is different for Myriam. I am reminded that she chose to title her album with a song that's not even hers. To me, this speaks on the music industry running out of ideas (and possibly revenues.)

Myriam Fares Aman (Audio) ميريام فارس آمان

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Beloved Activist, Singer, Composer William Nassar Passed Away #Palestine #Lebanon

William Nassar who sang for Lebanon and sang for Palestine has passed away at home in Lebanon and his passing has been noticed by many commentators included the Palestinian Authority who sent their warmest condolences to this artist with a conscious.

An activist, leftist, a writer and most of all a music composer beloved by the intellect and people who like music in general passed away after a long struggle with leukemia

William Nassar participated in a number of music festivals around the world (Italy - Germany - Greece - France - Soviet Union - Bulgaria - Czechoslovakia - Belgium - Sweden - Denmark - Norway - Cuba - Canada and the U.S. United States of America), as well as many concerts at the  Lebanese theatres.

William Nassar was awarded the Medal of Honor from the Palestinian government in Gaza for his role in breaking the siege in 2009.  In 2013 William Nassar was honored by the  Association of American Universities Graduates. William had many bold songs, like the one song titled "Jesus filled a form to join the Communist party"

Among his activist hat, he turned down an award in Quebec so he would not have to shake hands with a Zionist composer. He was quoted to have said, "I would rather my hand be cut off a thousand times than shake hands with a representative of a country that occupies our land and murdered our children" He is also considered the first Arab artist to hold concerts inside the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon

 Abreeshi | وليم نصار - بكي دم (طريق عيتيت) جودة عالية

William Nassar - Beirut | وليم نصار - بيروت


William Nassar is a Canadian - Arab composer and performer. Since 1982, he Represents the voice of resistance for freedom. His music and songs added a new dimension to the contemporary Arabic music. The song of Lebanon born  on December 25th, 1966. He witnessed the civil war with all its tragedies and cruelty, and that urged him to search for his own  world away from bombs and the smell of death. Thus, he formed at an early age with seven of his school friends, most of them were killed during the civil war, a band and called it "Nehna" which means WE, to express their rejection to the war. In 1977, when the civil war was at its peak, his music teacher "Azmi Wawi" asked him to perform at a youth summer camp organized by the "Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth", a youth organization of the Lebanese Communist Party.

William Nassar along with Renowned Lebanese composers such as Ziad Rahbani, Sami Hawat and Marcel Khalife are the pioneers of the Leftist song in Lebanon, or what has been known as "political song .

"The works of William Nassar in addition to that group of composers and artists have led to the formation of a new era of Arabic musical composition and singing, close to the people and draws song lyrics of their daily language. William Nassar has been detained several times between the years 1982 - 1984, after the Zionist invasion of Lebanon, because of his political and musical evenings, which was an expression of the rejection of the fascist system that came to power as a result of the Israeli invasion of Beirut. He's been subject to physical torture at the hands of the of the Lebanese army intelligence officers, who were  loyal to the Phalangists Party, the Lebanese Forces collaborating with "Israel".

In 1989, William Nassar Was subject to  an assassination attempt at the hands of a Fanatic Religious group, and his family's house was burnt down at the hands of this group which prompted his family to flee Lebanon.  In 1994, after the end of the civil war and the entry of Lebanon a new political era, William Nassar decided to leave Lebanon voluntarily and live optionally in exile.  He teaches musicology and the history of music at a number of universities and conservatories in North America, in addition he is been hosted to  lecture at a number of universities and institutes in Europe.

Besides his musical and academic activities, William Nassar chaired  a group of activists "Awlad Albalad" to defend the detainees in the prisons of the Zionist occupation. This active group contributed in the release of a number of prisoners in "Israel's" jails.

William Nassar received numerous awards and recognitions:  • International Ethnic Music Festival Award in Canada 1998.  • International Festival of Ethnic Music Award for the best composition in May 2008, and has refused to receive the award to avoid shaking hands with a Zionist composer assigned to deliver the Award for him.


Love In The Age Of Terrorism! Adam New Syria Song

Sham F.M. is becoming one of the biggest Arab radios, the sheer number of hits they play on their airwaves is incredible. Giving that they remain operational in Syria despite so much sorrow and so much destruction is something to note. Many Syrian and Lebanese artists go to this radio station with their hits because they know it's a radio that makes people happy and claims a large share of the market.

While many more Syrian artists consider it the default radio, not too many in Lebanon think of it first. But there's a new Drama about the civil war, and the song is about the general feel in Syria. The story of love and war.....but the voice is for Adam, a popular go to voice that has song some of the best TV series both in Lebanon and Egypt.

Adam's voice is something I look forward to hearing. This time, he shows off a lot more heart and force as he feel he is about to weep, but then it goes.....Not sure about the show, but it seems to glorify the Syrian army. I guess, change is good, but not the kind that want to set back the clock and revive dated teachings without regard to the spirit of the law.

I like the title of the song which is clever..."Sham" is what the locals call the capital city of Damascus, but if you change it one bit to be Sha'am it means back luck...which is fitting.
حصرياً على شام اف ام إسمها شآم غناء آدم

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman #HalaAlturk - Live In The Moment

A little girl, she is not....but she is not quite ready to be a woman, she is a teen from Bahrain who wants to party and dance with her friends. She is showing a lot of brands and a high sense of fashion as she dishes lessons in Arabic and English about life.

Live in the moment is how she wants her fans to know. It's a cute song for her fans who are growing along with her. I like Hala, she is cool and when she speaks she makes sense. She has shown a lot of promise and now she is transitioning form being a little girl into takes time.

#حلا_الترك | #HalaAlturk - Live In The Moment

Toni Qattan New Song Choses Death Over Distance! (Audio) @ToniQattan

Here's a sweet love song by handsome Jordanian pop star Tony Qattan. Tony released a teaser for this song late last year, and in 2015 the songs landed. It's a passionate song about not fearing death in exchange for love. The song talks about capital punishment as being less painful than being away from the loved one--silly I know.

The song has a debka beat that keeps the song upbeat and your feet off the floor. It's a romantic song that sounds a lot like a war song, but Tony's style fits with the regional music. The track would find a home in the Sham area and Iraq.

The surprise music is the work of Salim Salamah, whose work on softer mellow songs extends to generations of singers.

جديد طوني قطان 2015 - بعشقك صدقني - Lyrics Video

This Dashing Classically-Trained Syrian Violinist MAias Alyamani

MAias Alyamani, violinist and composer, began his professional musical career as a solo violinist in 2000. His performances include the traditional classical repertoire and other musical genres including his personal compositions.

MAias has a master degree from Vienna University of Music, majoring in violin performance with special focus on Composition. During his studies he won the Competition of  Vienna University of Music and participated in the international Paganini Competition in Italy. He was the only Arab ever to participate in these competitions.

He was a member of Südbahnhof Band in Vienna. The band is still performing in Europe and it was a finalist and won the Audience prize at the World Music Awards which took place in Vienna 2006.  In 2006 MAias established the ensemble MAqam in Vienna, specializing in classical Arabic music. The MAqam music ensemble, comprising musicians from the Arab world, willshowcase Arabic culture through classical music on Wednesday evening asMAias al-Yamani performs alongside five others as part of the group.

The ensemble is a big success in Austria and neighboring countries. He is also a member of the Damascus Festival Chamber Players ensemble, which focuses on contemporary Arabic music. He made a large number of solo recordings for film, music bands, live theatre and TV-show soundtracks.

“When we play, we usually get an excellent response from the audience because we are unique and (are) all Arab musicians,” he told Gulf Times, adding: “Our music represents our culture and we feel much more involved when we play music from our backgrounds.” Al-Yamani will be joined by Islam Nour on

He has four music albums:  White with Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

Live at Aspire Hall  with MAqam.

Blended Cultures with OPEC Orchestra for violin and orchestra.
Syrian Contemporary Chamber Music chamber music album with DFCP.

Memories of Syria: “Dominoes 2011″ (07:18)
Memories of Syria: “Caucasian Dance” (04:03)
Memories of Syria: “0+ Tango” (04:55)
Memories of Syria: “Sea Waves” (07:43)
Oriental Dances: “Zigan” (05:27)
Oriental Dances: “Longa Nahawand” (02:55)

MAias Alyamani & Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra - Sea Waves