Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Abou Elleef Gets Humiliated, Losts His Cool (Video)

When you are a big star, you expect people to treat you with respect and courtesy. At least, you do not want them to disrespect you. Abou Elleef, the popular hairy Sha'abi/pop artist was at weddings in Cairo last night and he was being cool and cute, up to the point when someone saw him trying to slide on the table...that jerk called him with a name like Abou Elleef you boy....as a way to demean him.

Abou Elleef did not appreciate it and went back wanting a fight. He called out that jerk for his impoliticness and almost got in a hand fight with him. I do not know what Abou Elleef was trying to accomplish with this move, but then he was having none of it and the shouting match started....I could care less for either parties, but this is part of the loss of respect of common courtesy.

Afterall this wedding is very local and some people who have never seen a celebrity in their lives were present. Lots of cameras and journalists were in the wedding hall as well.

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