Thursday, January 22, 2015

Arab Boy Reggae Is Here....Watch ElectrowaveZ Ft Mikey Mike - Blaze Up Di Fun

 ElectrowaveZ Formed in 2008 combining the power, drive and talents of brothers Charlie Shaabi and Richard Savo, Start their carrier with Original Electro music and Honorable remixes that achieves top Charts in different platforms of contest.

The first official CD Album released in 2010 with the name "BrainStorm" 11 modern Electro Tracks that become success with special hits like "Sababa", "Barcode", "Yalla", and many more.

ElectrowaveZ Boost their sound on "Dubooster" EP in 2012 with heavy Dubstep wobbly Bass sound and pumping and broken beats.

The group change the music style but kept their special fusion taste.

Dubooster has released on 2012 and it contained 5 track with the hits "Cyber Attack" and "Lost Island".

Another important Project of ElectrowaveZ is the great Single Track collaborations with Mike Hanna on the Officially Music Video - "Blaze Up Di Fun".

Pumping Dubstep and Reggea Rhythm, Combining Reggae Muffin Style straight to the Dance floor.

The single has become a Hit in specific Areas and it Broadcasted on MTV channel on Base Program among popular HipHop Artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent and many more.

Last important Project called "Za3tar" the second officially album with full power raging bass lines, original compositions and fresh sounds, hot new Psytrance from the Pioneers of the Electronic Music that been growing their styles on local dance floors.

These dynamic elements all combine to create the perfect refreshing musical Psychedelic Fullon, with some Dubstep Beats and Modern Blending between Different Type Of Trance Type using Triplet and offbeat method that create advanced and Recent sound.

ElectrowaveZ Ft Mikey Mike - Blaze Up Di Fun [Official Music Video]


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