Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nice One! Diva Amal Maher With Zekrayatna (Regata Movie Trailer) @amalmaher

We are three weeks into 2015, and Amal Maher has released a golden single, a beautiful and a classy mini album, and a hit movie song. No idea where she finds the time to pick these winners yet alone record then, but she does it. It's unfair to the other singers, as Amal is getting all the coverage, the gigs and the legacy.

And you know what, she has a new album in he can ready to go this year as well. The song you will hear below is about longing for the wrong people and falling in love so easily...and then turning those experiences into nostalgia. It's like a story about the places we go and the people we cross paths with.
It looks like a movie I will fall in love with.

As for Amal's voice one attribute I come to appreciate is how she changes notes so well to fit not just each verse, but each word. She is like that great speechwriter who is able to move people and changes moods in a heartbeat. She does that when the song calls for it.

Seriously, Amal, you are so good here and I am glad your voice graces this worthy film about some real-life issues. Regata has a solid cast all around and things are looking great for it.
Enjoy Amal's voice and let her take you to where she might be afraid to go by yourself.  

Zekrayatna (Regata Movie Trailer) - Amal Maher ذكرياتنا (تريلر فيلم ريجاتا ) - آمال ماهر


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