Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tamer Hosny & Yasser Samy Steals From The Israelis, Get Caught!

In reality, it's the Israelis who often steal things from Arabs. First they stole the land, then they came for the food and now they are going after music. I've written before about Israeli artists ripping from Arab artists. But this time, an Arab director finds himself in the line of fire.

Tamer Hosny had a good song earlier this year. The one with the title 180 Degrees. The song has already gotten more than 7 million views. But then an Israeli company filed a claim against the artist of copy rights infringement. And it was soon after that the song was brought down.

This is funny on so many levels as Tamer Hosny gets a taste of his own medicine. He is notorious for tacking down any clips that he does not approve of. He is done it to me and to anyone who posts videos that might be unflattering. But it looks this time the director of his music video is in the wrong.  

The director borrowed home models for the home used in the music video and as it turns out it was an architecture design company based in what's now known as Israel. The designs appear three times in the Tamer Hosny music video. I love how the director Yasser Samy is not taking the blame too well and he is pointing fingers at his crew. Imagine this, he took credit for his work but the blame he won't take. He is making this about haters. Well, I like the guy but pleases stop stealing things and pretending they are your own.

The guy made a long music video, the song lasts for five minutes but the music video goes on to 9 minutes.

Caesarea Villa - Architecture Visualization


  1. Now that is a happy Independence Day for Israel (Today)

  2. Hey man, apologies for my fellow Israeli's rudeness. I'm laying down my M-16 assault rifle for a moment to salute you for showing that your love for art is greater than your hatred towards my country.
    There's a belief that more than Arabs hate Israelis, they hate their fellow Arabs (Which the current political climate in the middle-east confirms). I'll let you in on a little secret: The same applies to Israelis hating Israelis.
    I appreciate integrity and honesty. You're a good dude.

  3. I guess Tamer Hosny was wondering if Israelis watch his music video... now, he knows they do....