Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Is Talented Singer Zayed Al Saleh The Most Handsome Saudi Man? @alfnaan_zaid

He has the voice of an angel, the heart of a new mother, the looks of a runway model and he comes form Saudi Arabia. Meet Zayed Al Saleh, the guy whose voice reminds me very much of another celebrated Saudi singer Abdul Majeed Abdullah.
Zayed has a new single where he sings about his heartache and how much he longs for her, it's a beautiful song that can only come from a guy who has been hurt. The young artists has not joined a music production company so he is not in it for the money or the deadlines. However, he has managed to collaborate with the biggest names in Arabic and Khaleeji songs in music and lyrics.
He has a new album which he worked on last summer, he will sing in a number of styles including Egyptian, Moroccan and Yemeni. I love how he mixed the hip music with old-school lyrics that carry old values. I like to meet fresh Saudi voices who are doing something the rest of the Arab world can appreciate and relate to.  
موجوع قلبي - زايد الصالح

اغنية زايد الصالح - موجوع قلبى 2015 - نسخة اصلية


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