Friday, April 3, 2015

Najwa On Set! Ms. Karam Shoots Her Next Music Video!

the super talented Lebanese nova Najwa Karam was too busy with her crew filming a new music video for her single from few months ago "'Al Sakhra" "The Bedrock" song about the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Naturally, she chose to film in Lebanon and she chose to work with the Wal-Mart equivalent of music video directors Fady Haddad. See some footage from the location, and see the diva get in the element. There are actors, and there seems to be more than one set.

Najwa Karam protects her brand and this music video is meant to be a treat. Najwa has always had it going on. I cannot make out the storyboard yet, but I am sure this would feature a number of stories about a failing love story. I do note that at least one dress (Najwa wore) I saw I did not love.
. Making of Najwa Karam music video " 3al Sakhra "


  1. Did you not know that Asalah just released an album as well? Enough on Najwa