Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Most Random Song! Mohamad Iskandar & Moeen Shreif In "Soltan w Amir"

Two bros of Lebanese music get together and record a new duet. Watch Mohamad Iskandar joins Moeen Sherif in a new song. The one you do not see on this music video is the son Fares Iskandar who wrote the music and the lyrics.

I am clueless about this song, what's the subject? It just feels strange seeing these two guys talking about immigration and leaving the homeland behind. The two artists pledge not to abandon their homes despite growing in modest homes.  I like both artists, I just do not get this collaboration.

The song has a tricky title "A Sultan and a Prince" which makes the message all weirder. Maybe this is the title the artists think of themselves as.

Produced By: Fares Iskandar
Lyrics and Music By: Fares Iskandar
Arranged By: Omar Sabbagh
Mixing and Mastering: Mohamad Almakhour
Filmed and Edited By: Anthony Mrad
Mohamad Iskandar ; Moeen Shreif - Soltan w Amir [Music Video] / محمد اسكندر ومعين شريف - سلطان وأمير


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