Saturday, April 4, 2015

@LaithAbuJoda Preaches Forginvess (Allah Ysamhna)--Just What The Region Needs

Laith Abu Joda appeared on Star Academy's last season and he was a big deal form those who still follow this slowly dying program. Laith got special visitors during his time on the program including a delegation from the Palestine embassy in Lebanon.

I am detecting that Laith is one of the thousands od Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon at the moment. This is not a feel good song, in fact the song puts folks to shame for not feeling the pain and agony of the little ones. Though the artist is Palestinian, the song applies to more countries. I see it working well for Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and so on.

It's a humanitarian song that hopes to get people to care and act. I commend this young artist for choosing to cover such a complicated and dark topic. The song seeks forgiveness for those who wrong people. It's not about hate. I love the theme. The song ends with the singer wanting to take his own life, but then something happens. Great Lebanese team stood behind the young artist is a wonderful sign.

Laith Abu Joda (Allah Ysamhna) - ليث أبو جودة ) الله يسامحنا )


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