Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Shy Mouhanad Al Marsoumi Reemerges @MohanadMarsoomy

He was the shiest person on Arab Idol more than two years ago. He also seemed the least interesting young talent on the program, and perhaps the least charismatic one.  But when it came to pure talent and a stand along voice Mouhanad Al Marsoumi does well.

Thins would have been different if this was the radio age when what mattered is the voice solely. Mouhanad Al Marsoumi did not takes home the title to his country Iraq, but he earned millions of fans. For those who liked him, comes a new single form this talent. His new single is meant for the Iraqi music fans who live beyond that shattered country.

It feels like a real Iraqi song, sure the music is what's hip now, but the style and performance remind me of older Iraqi songs that seem more like a conversation than a yelling match, I like it and wish Mouhanad would make more songs--easier said than done.  

Mouhanad Al Marsoumi - Dakhilak / مهند المرسومي - دخيلك


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