Sunday, April 12, 2015

Amr Mostafa Won't Compose For Amr Diab EVER Again!

Amr Diab does not need anybody, he is the king. He does not have to make good music, he has made enough and plenty. Firecracker and hack music composer Amr Mostafa felt the need to share on his Facebook account So out of the blue he had this to say

  1. I do not have Amr Diab phone number
  2. I have not spoken to him in more than four years
  3. I do not have any beef with the pop star
  4. I have no other accounts but this page
  5. I do not want people to like/hate me
  6. I won't work with Amr Diab again
  7. I will always respect him as a big brother
Glad he sorted this out for us. Amr Mostafa has not made a good song in more six made that popular stolen song that ushered in the reign of the Egyptian army old farts dictators. Let us remember that in between 1999 and 2005 Amr Mostafa has composed the music for about a dozen of Amr Diab songs--most of them were hits.

Amr Diab ft. Amr Mostafa ( El leila ) by M07amed 3li


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