Friday, April 17, 2015

Listen: Music Library : رولا سعد – دق الخشب – Rola Saad – Dogg El Khachab #Iraq

Not my business, what she wears, or how old she is but when Rolla Sad release a new song, I like to know about it. It's a new Lebanese song with an A Team--Smir Sfir is on board....and it sounds like an old Bedouin style. The lyrics are the work of Kareem El iraqi

The song is about knocking on one's door as making things official, and proposing to your's an Iraqi song that feels like a party....I like the mastering....

Rola has not managed to establish her brand, as in she is not known for any particular thing. she just makes music as she goes, no master plan. That does not make for a legacy. Take for example, we know a Nancy Ajram song right away, same for Elissa and Najwa Karam. but Rola is all over the place.

Song is Here

. Rola Saad ... Doq El Khishab - Video Clip | رولا سعد ... دق الخشب - ألبوم


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