Friday, April 24, 2015

Here's A Singing Lady Doing Something Fresh Ralda - Yalla Yalla

I like music and I like new artists who make waves. Let's watch together a new song and a music video by Ralda and her dog. I like her voice, her style and confidence. She is a rock star who is comfortable in her own kin hence explains her many nerdy looks.

for sure, in the West, this would have been a hit sense it's catchy, repetitive and easy to get stuck in one's head. I like what I hear and what I see her. Not sure how much the name means, but it's actually a cool melody by this new comer from Syria. 

Keep on mind that Ralda has a legendary voice which was made famous by her famous covers for old songs by Om Kalthoum.

Ralda - Yalla Yalla | رالدا - يالا يالا


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