Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Holy" Muslim Celebrity Mashari Alafasy Wants To kill Other Muslims!

Kuwait national Mashari Alafasy made a big name form himself around the world by reciting the Koran and singing Muslim themes songs. He is a huge hit and a big name among many Muslims around the globe--he has a sweet voice that makes it hard to stop listening to whatever he is saying.

But the Koran reader and religious figure is not taking a political role. e released a new song for the Kuwait army where he dresses like a tough guy who wants to go to war. Sure, go to war against the people who occupy your country, but not against your Arab/Muslim brethren in Yemen.  Has he not learned anything from the book that he makes a living reading?

I do not think it's appropriate for Mashari Alafasy to be doing these kinds of songs. It's a propaganda song....where was the army he now sings for when Saddam took over the country in less than 15 minutes. I do not like it when guys act tough and dress like army. A uniform won't make you tough, but your actions do.

It's disgusting to see him celebrate warm and the murder of so many folks. The song is meant to sing for the entire Gulf block, meant against Iran...really? I hear the Iranian troops are running scared from this song by Mashari Alafasy. He says the army is serving Arabs and Muslims? seriously, and the people of Palestine not Arab and Muslims? where were your lovely army dipshit?

I want noting by the well-bring of everyone involved, but the Sunni people cannot restore to killing other Muslims to win an unwinnable war that serves the interests of their collective enemies. Sorry Mashari Alafasy, this song will go down as a dark spot on your record.
#مشاري_راشد_العفاسي نشيدة نداء الوطن #عاصفة_الحزم


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