Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Indie Band Cairokee Stuns The World Once Again @CairoKee

Egypt's biggest and most popular indie rock band released a new album this week. The beloved band is changing the topic once again. Instead of political themes they have been known for, they are going for every day stories. Cairokee releases their fourth album and it makes their fans happy yet it is faced by radio silence from the mainstream media.

They chose to sing for the common man and woman, the people they made them who they are. The sing for the street vendor, the overworked police officer, the mason the public servant. It's a different kind of song. We do not get as many songs like these in our part of the world. The band is made out of young and bright artists who are well-read and keep up with what's going around them. They come across as cynical idealists.

It feels like a folk/country song fashioned in a Western/Eastern style. I like how the song is in the first person of the common man. The music video showcases many faces of Egypt. I like the daily routines, grabbing a cup of tea and a newspaper. The song is about what people want vs. what they need.

The people just want to live and let live. They do not want to break the bank, just let them live. I understand that the need to have simple and realistic dreams. As for Cairokee they continue to grow and show promise. I love how they change styles, topics and conversations every time you think they may have toped themselves--they come back with something fresh and interesting.  Don't you just love the album cover? Unlike the many covers we've seen where the band takes center stage, Cairokee lets the topic dominates the cover and it shows a lot of class.

This is an album to purchase, support and fall in love with.
كايروكي والله ما عايز Cairokee Wallah Ma Aayez

01 – Walla Ma Aayez
02 – Qabl El Wosool
03 – Geina El Donia Fi Laffa
04 – Kol Haga Betaady
05 – Neaady El Sharea Sawa
06 – Marboot B Astek
07 – Ghammed Einak
08 – El Baka Baka
09 – Ala El Hamesh
10 – El Television
11 – Nas W Nas
12 – Geina El Donia Fi Laffa (Remix)


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