Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Your Grandpa's Rock Star Sabah Fakhri

Sabah Fakhri is no young dude, he is an old soul trapped inside the body of an old man. That old man is a rock star, and if you doubt that look him up--he has the longest concert on the record. Take that young pop stars in cool jeans, Sabah Fakhri has you beat.

He is not a local stars, he can go anywhere in the world, and have an instant sold-out concert. His fans are all over the map due to the unique traditional style combined with his mighty voice. Not sure what makes him go for a long time, but Sabah loves his craft and it shows. His concerts are like going back in time to the 1700 when music was a big deal in the Sultan's palace. Turkish, Iraqi, Moroccan and Syrian style. He knows how to make history alive again.

Sabah Fakhri remains one of the shrinking historic music figures who are still performing today. The last concert I recall for him was last year in the city of Beirut.

Over the past 50 years of fame and popularity as a singer, Mr. Sabah Fakhri modified and popularized the then-fading form of traditional Arabic music,Muwashahat and Koodood Halabiya. He is well known for his exceptionally strong vocals, impeccable execution of Maqamat and harmony, as well as charismatic performances. Luckily, he still has that fire in the belly and we feel it too.

صباح فخري مالك يا حلوة مالك sabah fakhri


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