Friday, April 10, 2015

Twenty Years Later, Fatine Benaguida Retruns With A New Single @fatinebenaguida

The Moroccan Kingdom has many colors and they have so many talented artists and artisans. One of those artists that I just uncovered is Fatine Benaguida who is releasing a new single.

She has taken a 20 year sabbatical and returns now with an interesting release. It's a song she is doing for the younger folks. Last time she sang songs were 16 minutes, now they are 4 minutes or less. Fatine was a big deal in the 80s and this new release is actually an old song of hers reworked to fit today's music taste.
Fatine Benaguida - AL ADAMA MAMENNOUCH 2015 | 2015 فاتن بنعكيدا - العظمة مامنوش


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