Thursday, April 30, 2015

Handome Shady Farah Releases "Ah Ya Leil"

Some pop artists are made for radio, but not Shady Farah who has nothing to hide with that full set of hair and killer gaze. This time he returns with swag and sounds like the best Ramy Ayach there's. A happy song is always welcome as we need more of them right now.

Cool thing about Shady Farah he wrote the lyrics and music on top of performing this single. It's sweet song dipped with honey and drizzled with warmth. This Lebanese pop star is doing all the right things and slowly his name is getting bigger and his songs are getting better .

I like the energy and the feel the song puts together.
Shady Farah - Ah Ya Leil (Audio) / شادي فرح - آه يا ليل


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