Friday, May 1, 2015

Habib Ali Sings For All His Exes #Iraq

I have written about many A list artists, B list artists and DC listers. Some I like, some I love and few I just cannot stand. Here's a little known artists that seems to evolve rapidly by changing his style of singing. He comes with a cool name Habib Ali--cannot beat that.

He is an Iraqi singer who happens to be handsome and have the whitest teeth in the globe. He sings about life and how we change love partners. How sometimes we value you people only to see them be replaced by others. Sure there's a lot of wisdom from a guy who seems to only hire East European models to act as his love interest.

I like how stylish he is, and I love the set and location, I think this might be Beirut or Jordan perhaps. It's a sad song about the period following a breakup and separation. I know this is a dark period in one's life. I do not get the smile at the end when the entire song is really sad. Maybe the end changes and he finds his true love. Maybe love is just like the country of Iraq, so many leaders that failed to deliver and so many things changed so fast, but one keeps going.

حبيب علي - روح | Habib Ali



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