Friday, May 15, 2015

‪#‎WAMA‬'s Fresh New Album "‪#‎KanYamaKan‬" Drops! #Good_Stuff

8 tracks made by four cross-talented musicians offer so much more variety and ingredients than 15 track album made by one musician. The reality of it is that WAMA, the four man music band from Egypt is dropping an album this month and it seems like a great pop album for the summer.

These guys really enjoy each other's company, together they bring a lot to the table and whatever they do is pretty much the coolest thing ever. After listening he album, I concluded that he band wanted to make different segments of their fan base happy. Last three tracks are all about slow dance, and emotional lyrics. The middle songs are all over the place. I know everyone will appreciate song number 4, 5 and 1. The rest of the songs will be a subjective decision.

The musical mastering went to the well-known Amir Mahrous, who is a top talent. The surprise was the involvement of Mohamed Atteih, the winner of Star Academy's first season wrote two songs. Karim Mohsen composed a song that I love. This album kicks off the summer music festivals for the band as they line up gigs around Egypt's malls and beaches. Four songs on the album are composed by the artists themselves. Nadir Hamdy did two. Also online version of the album includes one extra song a remake to a beloved Egyptian classic "Salmah Ya Salamah"

01 Elli Ana Mestaghrablo
02 Astana Eh
03 Leilet El Omr
04 Shoftak Odamy
05 Leh Laa
06 Kan Ya Ma Kan
07 Mateqlaqish Etameni
08 Mesh Wahed

WAMA - Kan Yama Kan (Soon) | (واما - كان ياما كان (قريباً

WAMA - Leh Laa | واما - ليه لأ


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