Friday, May 1, 2015

Sandy: Good Song, Random Music Video @SandySandystar

Sandy had a good album last year, it was a milestone in her career and it had a lot of different things to many of her young fans. Aside from music, Sandy keeps her fans excited by maintaining one of the most active social media profiles. I mean lots of pictures and updates.

So the young artists just released a music video that she made on the fly in some of these sea resorts. It seems a one camera operation. It's unclear if this is in Egypt or away from it, I think it's not in Egypt.

Sandy goes for the simple girl on vacation. This is one of the better song son her album, it's a girl song where she has a crush on that pretty boy. I liked the song, I just do not get the music video it' does nothing for the song. Good song, and a music video that has nothing to do with the actual song.

The most expensive thing about the music video is the helicopter images perhaps.

Sandy Roho Ololo - ساندي روحو قولوله


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