Thursday, May 21, 2015

Zee Zee Adel Gets A Haircut, We Must Watch (Video)

Zee Zee Adel from her Star Academy fame released her third studio album few weeks ago, the title she went with was interesting "I am A female" But the cover art for the album featured her with a really short haircut.

If this is done for a cause, I welcome this.Ever since 2008-2009 and I consider myself a fan of Zee Zee's she did take a long career nap in the 2011 and just this year she returns to the spotlight. I liked her new album, I think it has few sleeper hits beside the three obvious hits

Now Zee Zee is sharing with the world the journey she went through to lose he hair for the album. Her hair stylist seems to have the skills. Not too many female Arab pop stars brave the short hair, so this is something new.
زيزي عادل صدمتها وبكائها وهي تقص شعرها


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