Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Press Conference at Mazzika With Amal Maher And Her Partners in Crime

Mazzika thought they had a good album and so did Amal Maher. They seem to have spared no dimes to make this album a hit, it will be a hit for sure. But that will cost some serious money to ensure that happens. Unlike the 2011 that needed only ten dollars to be a hit--each track on the album was a labor of love.

The 2015 album is decent, but needs a lot more marketing. See Amal schmooze with the team behind her album. She was the oxygen in the room. She was upbeat and happy with the final product. Walid Saad who composed seven tracks was there too--I blame him for making this album a bit boring.

In a press conference as Mazzika's headquarters, the artist met with her team, journalists and photographers were there. There are so many new names in the album, but to be honest maybe we thought we are getting a better album maybe we had bigger expectations.

Ayman Bahgat Amar was there and spoke to the press--he had written two songs' lyrics
Press Conference at Mazzika - Amal Maher حفل اصدار البوم ولاد النهارده - امال ماهر


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