Saturday, May 30, 2015

Haitham Nabil Retruns To Drunk Punch Love Songs With New Track

For a little over three years Haitham Nabil has not released a romantic track. He did religious songs, social ones and few patriotic ones. But the always calm, quiet and naturally shy entertainer marks is retrain to love songs. Haitham is about guitar, this time he credits himself three things, lyrics, music and vocal. This is a dreamy song that you play as you drive, or as you look over the beach reflecting on life.

For an artist who studied Majoring in Media and Mass Communication, he has not applied marketing to his own career. He does not chase his fans, but the other way around--like it used to be in the old days. He first joined Libo, a Libyan record company managed by Hamid El Shaery, where Haitham signed his first contract at the age of 21. then slowly, he has been gaining popularity.

Haitham is an optimist artist with a good face, a nice voice, and good head...I wonder if things were a bit better in Egypt, how far will he go? I like the title of the new song, it's about growing up to better understand the true meaning of love.

 The new song is arranged By : Ahmed Wagih

Haitham Nabil - Me7tag Tekbar2014 |2014 هيثم نبيل - محتــاج تكبــر

P.S. What's with the blonde hair?


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