Friday, May 22, 2015

(Video) Tamer Ashour Lifts One Of His Fans And Tosses Him LIVE

One of the most gifted and talented Egyptian musician has shown that he enjoys a great deal of humor. Tamer Ashour tends to do darker songs, the vengeful type when romance goes sour. But in real life he seems like a guy who likes to tease folks. I saw a clip of him at wedding concert where he was singing--some young fan was filming him with his camera....Tamer reached for the phone and pretended to throw it away....and then handed it back to the fan with a smile.

Once again, Tamer Ashour tops that video and gives us a good laugh. For skinny guy he is tough. A fan walks into the stage posing for picture for his idol. Tamer took the picture with him and leaned to grab the fan and carried him, that was really funny and a first. Usually you carry the singer not the other way around.

تامر عاشور يمزح و يلقي باحد من جمهوره من المسرح


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