Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WATCH This Zany Word Play Video By Diab "Sabah Elkhol Ya foya"

That Egyptian brand humor has not left the world yet, a new bizarre and unconventional jokes are still coming out of Egypt. Pop music can channel some of that. This is why singers like Diab continue to release local hits that appeal to the rest of Arabia. Play on words is what this track of his is all about.....

replace a letter with another one, and you get something random. Diab is a talented guy who has a producer to kill for, I have his album but to be ranks I have not raced to listen to it in one sitting. You do not go to Diab for intellect, but for hip street smart and wisdom from the slums. He seems to always find a good dance beat to bring joy into some guys' life in Egypt at a wedding party.

The song took a bit to process, play on words, by sweating letters around, like Good morning becomes Mood Gorning! This is what the song is about it. Sure a fresh and a new concept, but did it work?

Diab Sabah Elkhol Ya foya I صباح الخُل يا فويا


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