Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This Syrian Pretty Boy Can Really Sing Hazem Sharif @HazemSharifpage

The third season for Arab Idol has a lot of expectations since the second one was such a global hit. The winner of the title was the young and stylish Syrian Hazem Sharif. There was a lot of things expected from this young man and a lot of ideas on who he should be.

Hazem took few months off, did a north America tour and finally he released his new single last month. Now comes this music video for the song. The handsome devil sounds so refined in his debut song. Naturally, he went with a romantic song about his special lady.

I wish him well, he is a good boy with a warm voice, and a lot of potential. the song reminds me of many of the early 90s pop songs from Lebanon. It's a sweet love song much about the nostalgia, it allowed the young artist to chill and relax and find his center. The music video has a lot of football, rock looks, soft drink and cellphones. I think they just went with what's hip. And all of sudden Hazem throws a concert under his woman's balcony to win her over--I like the tux.

This is a good start and I hope Hazem keep up the same line.
حازم شريف - شوعاملي | Hazem Sharif - Shou Amli


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