Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ashtar Nano, The Assyrian Princess You Need To Know

She is young Assyrian vocalist and she is meant to sing pop singer music. A Syrian who dresses like the old Spanish style and sings like an Eastern European pop. This is not Arabic, it does feel like it and it's insane that it makes no sense to me. Ashtar Nano is her name and she feels like a real life princess.

She began singing at an early age. Nano made her album debut in 2000 with The First Step. After one year she released her second album, Letters 2001, and then third album Monshiya 2004, Fourth album Lokheh D Tkharta 2011. Video Clips, 14 Years of Age was her first Video Clip Mawladi, Second clip Akh Goreh. Latest Video clip Ya Khobba.

For her small community, she is a heroine. Celebrating and singing in one of the oldest known languages to the human race. I Love her voice, her style, and wish she would do more songs in Arabic, then bring these new fans to know more about her culture.

Ashtar Nano - Ya Khobba


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