Sunday, May 31, 2015

One Sexy Iraqi To Conquer Them All...Shatah Hassoun's Sin

Shatha Hassoun is a star unlike very few, and her music video attests to this much. She has shown that she is a smart pop diva who makes it hard to escape her. She releases singles, makes albums, and shoots music videos all over the Arab world--Dubai is her home, Iraqi is her native land, Morocco is her parent's country. Lebanon is where she parties and works.

The latest song from her shows some maturity with hr style. She is telling a story about an abusive home, and a good looking husband who has rage episodes. Shatha is even bold enough to play the mother part with a little girl of her own.

The couple had a good run, but now things are taking a wrong turn, and this song is pretty pleasant to the's smooth and riddled with meaning. This is a very long music video, and the end is kind of complicated--worthy of dark features.

Shatha Hassoun - Khatiya Video Clip | شذى حسون - خطية فيديو كليب


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