Monday, June 1, 2015

May Hariri: The Least-Liked Sexy Pop Star Releases A New Music Video

May Hariri does not play well with others, she prefers the go it alone approach whether in her personal life or on her career, she prefers to play alone. Now, I know very few people working in the music industry in Lebanon who like to work with this babe of a celebrity!

She tends to be combative in her interviews and she often lashes at other divas by saying things like "I am sexier than...", "taller than...", "due to my perfect look, plastic surgeon show women a picture of me before procedures."

This makes sense why she produces for herself now and releases her songs on her official channel. The lady is an okay singer who has a nice charm about her. She does have something beautiful about her look. But a personality to complement that is lacking.

Here's her new song where she pulls out few lady ticks out of the bag and muddle through the song. The track is about how her boy toy is driving her mad. Too bad she went to Turkey to film this picture.

May Hariri - Habibi Baddo Yjaneni [Music Video] (2015) / مي حريري - حبيبي بدو يجنني


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