Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lebanese Abel Karim Shaaer, The Voice For Arabic Oldies Throwbacks

There singers who make pop songs, and there are who like to revisit what once was a pop song, only years after that they became classical songs. One of these artists is Abdel Karim Shaar, A Lebanese vocalist who like to do songs form the forties and fifties.

His voice was made from doing the Mowashahat style songs, the Syrian, Iraqi and Andalusia style of singing. There's no money in this art, but there is a lot of recognition and interest, so cafes and lounges fro Arab intellects. He is a Lebanese artist who has an old soul and rocks the bow-tie look.

Mr. Shaar has been singing for generations, only not as many people know of him outside the fans of the musicals style he performs, he has that very manly strong voice that can do the forte without coming across as shouting.

كريم الشعار يحتفي بـ"غنيلي شوي شوي"

عبد الكريم الشعار الليلة عيد


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